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by BenG
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A message about love.
      Water is to glass as love is to heart. It’s up to us whether or not we decide to fill our glasses or leave them empty. Should you choose to fill it, be careful, you are now responsible for making sure nothing bad happens to your glass of water. Your glass is very fragile and can break entirely too easily. Trying to fix a shattered glass is just as hard as trying to gather up all the water that was in it. A couple spills here and there are normal, after all, we're only human. You don’t have to stop everything you’re doing to clean it, time will clear it up, remember, it's just water. The quality of the water in your glass is crucial. It should be as pure as possible. Taking the first sip of high quality water is like taking a breath of fresh air, it almost breathes new life into you. It’s the only kind of water we deserve, anything less is incomparable.
         For those who still have empty glasses, that’s ok, you’re just not thirsty yet. When you do get thirsty, I advise you not to spring for the nearest water tap.  I know you’re really thirsty and just want the water in your glass, but it’s well worth it to put forth a little bit more effort to find the water you deserve. I promise you’ll appreciate the water much more if you search for the right kind. Water is a beautiful element in life, as it keeps us alive and motivated, and reminds us how something so simple can impact us so powerfully.
         Should you choose to share the water that you yourself worked to acquire, make sure you let the person know how important the glass is to you and how fragile it can be. You watch nervously as she takes your glass and pours the water into hers. You trust that she won’t drop your glass. The first sip she’ll take will be a small one, just to test how good the water actually is. If it suits her taste, she’ll continue to drink it, if not, that’s ok, you only lost a little bit of your water. I can’t stress how important it is to just give her a small sample. Assuming she does like what she tastes, she’ll ask for more. There’s nothing wrong with that, just be sure that there is still enough water left for when you get thirsty again.  It’s all about moderation. Never before have you realized how important that glass of water is. You never thought anybody would actually like your water. You never realized how valuable that water was until you’ve seen somebody else drink it. You see how much she appreciates it, how it quenches her thirst, how it makes her feel. You feel important, knowing that it was your water that made her happy.
         As time goes on, you’ll realize how much more satisfying it is to share your water with others rather than waiting around for somebody to share their water with you. If you share your water with somebody, it’s likely they will return the favor at some point down the road. You have to make it apparent that you want to share your water before somebody else will share theirs. We all have similar glasses, but the compositions of our water are very different. It’s ok to try different types of water, just be sure that when you finally decide on one type, imagine yourself fifty years from now drinking the same kind of water. If you think you’ll enjoy it just as much as the first time you tasted it, then you’ve found the best possible water for yourself.
         Don’t let any drop of your water go to waste. There’s always going to be somebody out there who needs it, no matter how small the quantity. Just a few drops of water can make a person go from feeling like the most insignificant person in the world to feeling like they can do anything. Even if they don’t appreciate the water at the time, they’ll soon realize how even those few drops made them feel. Your water is what defines you, so don’t be afraid to share it. Whether your glass is half full or half empty, just be grateful that you have anything in your glass at all.
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