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About semi-madness
I cry

Yet I laugh

I let out a moan

Yet I suppress it

I scream at the top of my lungs

Yet I gag my mouth

I scowl

Yet I smile

I prostate

Yet I stand up

I wriggle and writhe

Yet I sit up

I jump ecstatically

Yet I come down and stand still

I walk

Yet I run

I sprint

Yet I walk like a snail

I clutch and smell flowers from a heavenly garden

Yet I throw them loathingly to a sordid river

I swim

Yet I sink

I play with my peers

Yet I cast a stone at them

I pray

Yet I curse

I light a fire

Yet I bask in the dark

I drink till I get stoned

Yet I sober up

I make love

Yet I abstain from sex

I love

Yet I war

I live

Yet I desire death

Everybody thinks I'm a madwoman

Yet I’m not mad
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