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A womans point of view.
Fairness and Equality My Ass!

WE women of America still do not have the full right that of males do. WE woman cant serve our country on the front lines. We women are still facing sexist comments toward our "personal" issues. If we women Can shoot more accurately than the average male and show our love for our country just as much as the next Jar-head then why do we not have the ability to have the position we want in the military? Why are the guys so high on making us Bitches and undesirables. Our most used job that most women are told they should do is stay at home, cook, clean, and bare children. What about the independent women who want to bare fucking arms. Is it really That hard to understand or comprehend that women are smart to. That we can do anything you can do and more. If a female is willing let her be! All men are create equal. Women. Spell in W_O_M_E_N it has MEN in it so we are to be created equal and treated just as fair as the next guy in line. We women will fight back and you "men" more like wimps will be sorry for degrading us women!!!
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