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Is your Lord talking to you? Does He want you to tell others about Him? Listen and hear.
Savior Our Lord

Is that you Lord?
Yes, I believe.
No, I don’t need a sign.
You are my Lord, my Savior.
I pray and you I hear.
That is when I know you are near.

I am sure it is my heart you are near.
You are my Savior, my Lord.
Let’s all pray, listen and hear.
He will bless you and you will believe.
Praise Him, Lord, God our Savior.
Pray, pray that he will send all a sign.

What is it Lord? Why do your people need a sign?
Don’t they know the time is near?
You have come; you are the all mighty Savior.
You are Abba, Father, and Lord.
Listen, pray, listen and believe.
Why can’t they just listen and hear.

What’s that, Lord? Am I listening, do I hear?
"My Word is sufficient as their sign?"
"Can’t they read the Word and believe?"
"Don’t they know the time is near?"
Praise Him, Praise Him, and Praise the Lord.
He is coming again; you must trust in the Savior.

"I have come to earth to be your Savior.
Be quiet, listen and hear.
Trust and know I am Lord.
Read my Word it is your sign.
Be still and know I am near.
Many have not seen but believe."

"I am Abba, the Father, and Lord – believe."
Praise Him, Lord God our Savior.
You must know He is always near.
Be still and let your ears hear.
No, we should not need a sign.
He is Alpha, Omega, King of Kings – Lord.

The time is near, praise Him and believe.
He is coming our Lord and Savior.
See and hear His Word; it is your sign.

Sestina poem, by Seabreeze 12/9/11 (Rev 12.19.2020)
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