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A twisted story with war, horror, and betrayal.


         Kim Jong-un took a sip of coffee in his quarters while examining the western section of the American continent. He knew he was able to defeat the Pacific shoreline of the United States due to their scattered economy and inattention. However, Kim knew that seizing the rest of the continent would be extremely difficult. He recognized the superiority of the U.S. military strength and reflexes. He had to approach the rest of the United States uniquely. His thoughts were interrupted by his secretary who notified him that the meeting was starting. Looking in the mirror, he recalled, to win, attack intelligently and unexpectedly.

*                    *                    *

         Not even a few hours after Lieutenant Willman received his new S.A.S. identification and uniform, he, along with the fellow S.A.S. members, received their first mission in their new service. The mission and its data appeared on the screen of a heavy-duty laptop. Captain Edgar White, being the highest rank in the S.A.S. read aloud the objective:

         "Mission: Fire Ants - Defend the city of Las Vegas, Nevada from the Great Republic Korean Army. The 23rd Battalion led by Colonel Joseph Smith will defend the frontline of the battle. Attack abruptly and precisely. Remember-approach like a ghost, strike like thunder, and vanish like a fog. All of the S.A.S. should organize into-" Captain White divided the members accordingly to the information provided. Victor Willman apparently happened to be in the same unit as his acquaintances, Jane Hilton and Keith Lee. "We're leaving 14:00! Dismissed!"

         Without a word of complaint, all members of the S.A.S. prepared for the afternoon flight.

         When the S.A.S. arrived, Colonel Smith was already setting up his battalion into ranks. "They are expected to arrive at around 17:00, so set up your positions," he informed them. Units, instructed by Captain White, set up their camping sites near the battalion's position. As the colonel had predicted, the invaders became visible as they marched British-style at 5:30 P.M. They stopped and left no more than 100 yards between them and the defenders. Every soldier in the battlefield had his finger on the trigger. The next few moments were dead silent. The first shots rang out from the Korean Army, followed by an unbelievable chaos. All weapons were on fire. The invaders walked more towards the Americans until a set of huge explosion threw them back.

         Keith Lee appeared astonished. "Camouflaged mines," Victor winked. The S.A.S. closed in and created a wedge-formation around the enemy. Having received huge casualties, the Korean Army retreated and disappeared from the defenders' view.

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