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Rated: 13+ · Serial · War · #1834260
A twisted story with horror and betrayal.


         Colonel John Willman, with other colonels as well, stood beside the airplane lane as six C-5 Galaxy aircrafts landed on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Air Force Base, Washington D.C. After briefly congratulating Colonel Joseph Smith, Colonel Willman signaled the S.A.S. to follow him to their department. When the members gathered up at Sector 25, the colonel spoke up, "Due to your success in your first mission, you are required to participate on your new mission-" He turned on the projector and read aloud the mission statement:

         "Mission: Deadlock- Your target is the Great Republic Korean Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. This building was originally the Los Angeles City Hall; it includes 32 floors, each with an area of 500,000 square feet. Your objective is to explode the whole building to halt further attacks from the Great Republic Korean Army momentarily. Infiltrate the headquarters and implant two AM-14 on each floor. Be aware that the site is heavily guarded to the maximum. There will be no backup for you. Remember-approach like a ghost, strike like thunder, and vanish like a fog. Prepare for a  tomorrow afternoon. You are dismissed."

         As Lieutenant Victor Willman was about to leave the sector, Colonel Willman stopped him. "Follow me," said the colonel. They went inside the colonel's quarters and sat around a desk. Colonel Willman loosened his tie and said quietly, "This mission is a real deadlock, son." Victor looked up. "It is impossible to get through the Korean guards.  You might fail and-" Victor interrupted, "Colonel, we are the S.A.S. - Special Assault Service, the most professional assassins. This mission will be accomplished." Colonel Willman thought for a moment then took out a box from his drawer. "Your mother gave this to me before she...died. Take this with you."

         Sitting on his bed, Victor opened the box. There was a cross necklace. He cried and wore it around his neck.

         When every S.A.S. members were aboard on the C-27 Spartan, the pilot spoke through the microphone, "We will stop at Phoenix, Arizona and transfer to 5 Mi-17 copters to arrive at the Mojave Desert." With Jane Hilton on one side and Keith Lee on the other, Victor felt less nervous. He flexed his hands and closed his eyes drifting into sleep.

         A few hours later, they landed at Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix and changed aircrafts.

         At around 7 P.M., the S.A.S. landed on its destination. The lead pilot, Lieutenant Ronald Shane told him, "We will wait here for your departure." Captain Edgar White nodded and addressed the S.A.S., "Tonight is our offense! And time is ticking. Our own destiny is upon us! But I know destiny is our friend today-I just know it! May God bless us all!"

         The soldiers loaded their weapons and gears and walked towards Los Angeles.

                                                                        *                    *                    *

         Kim Jong-un was outrageous when he heard of the defeat at Las Vegas. He immediately called Mr. Black.

                                                                      *                    *                    *

         After a few hours of walking, S.A.S. finally reached their destination. Captain White held four fingers down and then two fingers up. Group into 4 rife-units and 2 sniper-units. Then he motioned three rifle-units to follow him and one rifle-unit to camp behind positions. He also gestured the sniper-units to be in position. Victor's unit, along with Keith's unit, followed Captain White. Jane stayed behind with the snipers.

         With their guns attached with silencers, they shot every soldier who came in their direction. When they reached the building's back door, they latched it open with an ax and started firing.

         Jane's unit was suddenly attacked by unknown assassins dressed in black. Jane tried to attack but she was shot at her side.

         The rifle-units separated to implant the AM-14 on each floor. Captain White joined Victor and Keith with their 13 men. As they reached the 3rd floor, the alarm went off. "Faster!" White shouted. While planting a bomb, the Korean soldiers appeared from the stairway and shot a S.A.S. sergeant. 1 down. The enemies were killed shortly after. The 5th floor was more heavily armed. Two master sergeants and one first sergeant were shot on the head. 4 down.

         After embedding bombs on 15 more floors, there were only four soldiers left-Captain White, Lieutenant Willman, Lt. Lee, and Lt. Osborne. 10 down. As they reached the fourth floor to escape from the building, they were stopped by an unknown group of assailants dressed in black. They shot Osborne and surrounded the remaining three. Everyone was at gunpoint. When Captain Edgar White shot one enemy, he was shot in the head by another assassin. Victor spread his bullets to three men, who fell and died. Victor, in return, was shot on his thigh.

         Willman waited for Keith to fire, but he didn't. Instead he pointed his pistol at Victor's face. Victor was shocked. "Keith, how can you-"

         "I'm not Keith. My true name is Lee Ki-soo, and I work for our Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un."

A moment of shock passed the time.

         "Keith, don't forget the past. All those memories we had-don't forget them."

         Hearing this, Lee Ki-soo left the assassins and Victor Willman alone. Victor reached over to the captain's body and retrieved a detonator from his pocket. The people dressed in black aimed their guns at Victor. Clutching onto his cross-necklace, he pushed the button on the detonator before the bullets reached him.

         As seen by Lee Ki-soo, the Great Republic Korean Headquarters exploded into flames and crumbled into ruins and fire. 

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