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The Hypno DVD.
With Ash & Misty.

One day a young girl called Misty, was walking through the woods near her home. She loved walking through these woods, she loved looking at all the animals, especially Pokemon.

Misty this day didn't have time as she was meeting up with Ash, who was quiet famous in the Pokemon world, as he had beaten many fows in this area, and was a hero to many people, young and old.

Misty would never say this to Ash's face, but she actually fancied him, a lot. She mentioned it to her friend May, who spent some time with Ash, while Misty was at home looking after her Gym.

Misty was one of four sisters, she was the youngest, but she may have been the youngest but she could hold her own in the arena.

About fifteen minutes went by and Misty finally arrivied at her destination, it was Ash's house, it was Ash's birthday, he was 18 years old, Misty was 17, she was actually a few month behind him.

Unbeknown to Misty Ash was given a special DVD by his friend Brock. It was a DVD on hypnosis, Brock said he bought one himself, and he used it on a attractive young girl next door to his house.

This intrigued Ash and with a smug expression on his face, he thanked Broke, and promised him he would definitely try it out as soon as possible.


An hour passed and the party was well on its way, everyone was having a great time. Ash, Brock, Misty and May were all huddled together having a chat about there last battle.

''Hey Misty you did great the other day again Karlos, he looked very hard to beat with his Charmaine, a newly discovered Pokemon'' Said Ash,

''I know, I thought I was done for'' Replied Misty,

''Yeah, but your brought it out the bag, and gave that guy what for'' Said Brock,

''Yeah Misty I wish I could be just as good as you one day, and have my own Gym'' Said May.

''Aww, thank you guys, with plenty more practise May, you will become just as good as me, or even better'' Replied Misty.

They spoke for a further ten minutes, and then Ash finally decided to do what he set out to do all day.

''Misty can I talk to you for a minute?'' Said Ash,

''Sure, what is it Ash?'', Replied Misty,

''I want to show you something, its something really special, but it's in my room'', Said Ash, with a smirk look on his face,

''Sure, hey, Ash are you trying something here, you've never invited me into your room before'' Replied Misty, a bit unsure,

''No, no, nothing like that, I would never try anything like that, your my friend'' Replied Ash,

''Oh, okay'' Said Misty.

Ash led Misty to his room, he put in the DVD while she was looking worriedly around his room.

''Here this is some footage of your battle I recorded, I thought to show you it first before I make copies, well that's if you wanted me to'' Said Ash,

''Oh right, that's great, okay put it on'' Replied Misty.

With that Ash pressed this play button on his TV remote, it started playing, very cleverly Ash had made some alterations to the DVD, he actually put images of Ash, Broke and Misty at the battle, and a few video clips.

This was all meant to throw Misty off, as Ash didn't want to scare her off, he thought to ease her into it.

''I won't be a minute Misty I'm just nipping to the bathroom, you keep watching okay, the best bits about to come up'', Said Ash as he closed the door, and quietly locked it.

Misty unknowingly watched the TV as a spiral came on screen. Misty didn't recognise the voice, but she carried on watching anyway.

The spiral stayed on the screen for a further few minutes, then the voice started to talk.

''Keep watching the spiral'',

''You can not resist'',

''As you watch, your eyes become heavy'',

''Very Heavy'',

''W, What's happening, my eyes are so heavy'' Said Misty,

The voice continued to talk.

''That's it give into the spiral, your conscious mind is beginning to slip away'',

''Your eyes are now so heavy, you must close them''

''I feel so tied, I must close my eyes'' Said Misty,

''Now, SLEEP!'', shouted the voice.

Misty's head slumped down instantly, as the words were said, this was going very well.

Ash was listening at the other side of the door, so when he heard the worlds SLEEP!, he quietly, and gently opened the door.

He sat on the bed next to Misty, as the DVD said its final few words.

''Now your in a deep trance, your concious mind has gone, you will now obey any commands that you hear'',

''Yes, I am in a trance, I will obey all commands'' Replied Misty in a monotone voice.

''Now when I click my fingers, you will open your eyes and look straight forward'' Said Ash.


With that Misty's eyes opened widely, but soulless, and in a monotone voice said ''Yes I obey''.

Ash could barely believe his luck, he had managed to hypnotized the girl he had always dreamed of, unbeknown to Misty Ash fancied her too, but never brought up the courage.

''Now Misty I am your master, now when I give you a command you will answer by saying ''Yes Master'', do you understand'' Said Ash,

''Yes Master'' Replied Misty,

''Awesome, now to have some fun, now Misty take off your shoes?'', Commanded Ash,

''Yes Master, I obey ever command'' Replied Misty.

Misty then mindlessly unfastened her laces and took off her shoes.

''Great, now take off your shorts'' Said Ash,

''Yes Master'', Replied Misty.

With that again she slowly unfastens her straps, and slowly started take off her shorts.

Finally after a minute, she had taken them fully off.

She was wearing some cute little thongs, they were white with a pink frilly out lining.

''Now take off your top'' Said Ash,

''Yes Master, as you say'', Replied Misty.

Misty then slowly started to take off her top, rolling it up as it went over her boobs, and her head.

''Good Misty, now take off your bra'' Said Ash,

''Yes Master'' Replied Misty.

Misty very quickly unclipped her bra and let it fall unaided to the floor.

Ash was gob smacked, he had dreamed of this moment.

Her boobs were massive, just like a couple of grapefruits, her nipples were erect, which Ash then thought it was time to have some fun.

Ash walked up to Misty, she was still stairing straight forward, her eyes were soulless and totally white.

He started fumbling with her boobs, rubbing them violently. He had never touched boobs before so this was a thrill.

''Aww, these are awesome'' Said Ash.

He then pushed Misty onto the bed, and started kissing her. He then slowly and sensually started to kiss her down her chest, and stomach, and between her legs.

Ash then started to lick Misty's Clit and played with her pussy.

He put two fingers in her pussy, violently thrusting them in and out.

''Now its time for some more fun'' Said Ash, ''Misty you will give me a blowjob'' He continued,

''Yes Master'' Replied Misty.

Misty then stud up, and then bent down in front of Ash.

She then grabbed hold of Ash's cock with one hand and started rubbing it back and forth. Ash moaned as he enjoyed it.

Then she slowly put his cock completely in her mouth, and started sucking it, and rubbing it back and forth.

Ash was in heaven, he had never felt such a beautiful feeling in his whole life.

''AHH!, I'm cumming, let me cum on your face'' Requested Ash,

''Yes Master'' Replied Misty.

Misty then looked up at Ash meeting each others eyes, this turned Ash on even more.

As Misty continued to rub his cock, he moaned as he was coming closer and closer to climax.

''I, I'm cumming, I, I, I'M C, C, CUMMING!, AH!, AH!, AHHHHH!?.

He came all over Misty's beautiful face, Ash looked down at her as his cum was dribbling down her body.

''Misty I command you to clean yourself up and get dressed'' Commanded Ash,

''Yes Master'' Replied Misty.

She stood up and went to the bed, were a towel was laid.

She vigerously wiped herself down, Ash made sure there was not a scrap of evidence left.

''Now Misty when I click my fingers once more, you will snap out of your trance, and remember nothing of our sexual encounter'' Said Ash, ''but I want you to remember these two words, 'Poke!, Ball!', when you hear these two words you will instantly go straight back into this trance, do you understand'' He continued,

''Yes Master, I understand'' Replied Misty.

From that day on, Ash was very happy, he carried on winning his battles, and every single night, he invited Misty over and her friends to his house to have some fun.

Brock used his DVD to get himself nurse Lovejoy, and he lived happy ever after.

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