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Megan and Jennifer are off to France.
Jennifer gave the big puppies one last hug. She was sure going to miss them. Vicki hugged Jennifer and promised that she would take good care of them. Jennifer knew that but she would miss them. Megan hugged Vicki good bye and promised she would write. Vicki promised she would take care of Jasper as well as the puppies.

Bradley and Miles put the women's canvas bags in the carriage and they helped Megan and Jennifer into the carriage and headed for Bradley's house. It was still daylight and there was no rain.

"I had my cook prepare a special French meal for us. Chicken, French style noodles, a bread that the French love and some custard tarts."

"Chicken isn'tFfrench food unless the chicken came from France." Megan laughed.

"No, the chicken didn't come from France but my cook knows how to add a touch of French to it." Bradley put his arm around Jennifer.

They arrived at Bradley's house. Bradley and Miles took the woman's luggage off the carriage. Jennifer and Megan went into the house and the food the cook was making sure smelled good.

A plump blonde woman wearing a red dress and apron entered the room. She said in a French accent: "You must be Mademoiselle Jennifer and Mademoiselle Megan. Your supper is almost ready."

"Thanks. It smells delicious." Jennifer was thinking that this cook could cook for them anytime.

Miles and Bradley came in and the cook told everyone to sit down. Miles took a seat by Megan and Bradley sat next to Jennifer. The cook served the chicken, noodles, some potatoes that were scalloped, green beans with a French sauce and bread.

The food tasted so good. Bradley and Miles were talking business and Megan and Jennifer enjoyed the food.

"How do you like your French dinner?" asked Bradley.

"It is very good." Megan answered.

"Can we keep her permanently? asked Jennifer.

"Anything you want, my Dear." Bradley kissed Jennifer's hand.

"I can hire us a cook, my Dear." Miles said to Megan.

"I can cook but that would be alright." Megan looked at Miles and thought how lucky she was to have him.

They ate the custard tarts for dessert and they were delicious as well. After supper, the cook took the dirty dishes and washed them. Bradley, Jennifer, Megan and Miles went into the living room and sat. There was no TV in this time era and Megan and Jennifer missed that but people did more talking in this era and this was a good thing.

Bradley poured a Brandy for him and one for Miles. The women drank tea.

"Does your parents know we are coming?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes. I sent them a message. They can't wait to meet you." Bradley winked.

Jennifer hoped she would meet their expectations. She would have to be a lady for sure.

"You will love France. I would live there but I have to run the business here. I am an English man at heart so England is my home." Bradley loved England.

"Are we expected to fake English accents?" Megan asked.

"No. My parents know that you are from America."

"They will hate us for sure." sighed Megan.

"Why do you say that?" Bradley asked.

"France doesn't love America and Americans don't love the French all that much." Jennifer said.

"My parents won't judge. They want me to be happy so they will be happy with my future wife. The French will just have to like us for a couple of months. Will there be a war with England and France?" Bradley pulled out a cigar and lit it.

"No. France doesn't enter any wars until World War 1 and World War 2." Megan took a sip of her tea.

"When do these wars happen?" Miles asked.

"Not until the 1900's. Don't worry." Megan patted Miles hand.

"That is good. Having you and Jennifer is like a crystal ball to the future. I like that. Too bad we can't tell the rest of the world." Bradley took another sip of his brandy.

"You would have a World War before the 1900's. It is best to keep our secret." Jennifer yawned.

"Are you getting tired, my Dear?" Bradley asked.

"Just a little." Jennifer yawned again.

"I guess Jennifer and I will retire for the night. See you in the morning." Bradley offered Jennifer his hand and they went to bed.

Miles looked at Megan.

"Right behind you." Megan put her hand on Miles leg and he carried her upstairs.

Megan felt happiest when she and Miles made love and he felt the same way about Megan. Bradley and Jennifer felt the same way about each other.

Morning came before they knew it. The cook had made bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes for the couples.

Megan loved bacon and eggs. She ate some pancakes, too. Miles ate a good breakfast, too. He whispered to Megan: "Thank you for last night. You and Jennifer will be sharing a room on the ship and Bradley and I will have our own rooms. I am sure we can try share my room for awhile."

"I would love that." Megan kissed Miles cheek.

Bradley and Jennifer ate some pancakes and bacon. Bradley asked Jennifer where she learned that one move she made on him last night. Jennifer swatted him and laughed.

"I know that move!" Megan exclaimed.

"Megan!" Miles blushed.

"What is with you men in this century? Men in our century boldly go where no man has gone before!" Megan laughed and Jennifer did, too.

"I keep going there. I love going there but look we need to behave like ladies and gentlemen." Miles said.

"We need to leave in a little bit. The ship leaves in 2 hours." Bradley said.

Jennifer got up. "I am going to get my stuff."

"Me, too." Megan said.

"Hey! We will help you." Bradley went upstairs behind the ladies. Miles did, too. They got the carriage loaded. Megan and Jennifer both had butterflies. They had never been on a ship before.

The carriage left. It looked cloudy. They were on their way to London to board the ship.

"Look at that fox. He is so beautiful." Megan looked at the fox and he looked at the carriage going past.

"I wonder what he is thinking." Jennifer asked.

"He is glad that no one is trying to hunt him today." Megan answered.

All of a sudden, it looked foggy.

"This must be that London fog they talk about. This is when vampires appear or werewolves. It is daytime so we are safe." Megan giggled.

"I will be a vampire and bite you." Miles kissed Megan's neck and she said: "Oh, bite me now!"

Miles pulled back and said: "We need to behave."

"We don't care. We were enjoying the show." Bradley laughed.

"Megan loves to be dramatic. She should be on stage." Jennifer laughed.

"I want to play the role of Mrs. Miles Dawson. That will make me happy." Megan beamed.

"Me, too." Miles kissed Megan.

"Where's my kiss?" Jennifer asked.

Bradley kissed Jennifer.

The carriage continued on it's journey. It was foggy but was clearing up. Megan loved the scenery but a car would have been so much faster. She would get used to carriages someday she hoped.

Jennifer fell asleep and so did Megan. The men woke them up to tell them they were at the ship. Megan saw people and she saw the ship. It was big and fancy. It reminded her of Titanic.

"Jennifer! The ship looks like Titanic!" Megan exclaimed.

"What is Titanic?" Miles asked.

"It was a fancy big ship that crashed into an ice berg. A lot of people died." Megan said sadly.

"Oh. I hope we don't crash into an ice berg. I will protect you. I won't let go of you." Miles said.

Megan didn't want to tell him about the movie and Jack Dawson and that he looked like Jack who died in the movie. Miles would be her Jack and he wouldn't let go of her. He loved her and adored her. Just like Jack loved Rose. She loved the movie Titanic and felt sorry for the people on that ship. Things should be alright she hoped.

"It will be alright. We never heard of any other ships crashing into ice bergs. Look at the ship. Titanic is a 100 years from now." Jennifer reminded her.

Men dressed in blue suits got the couples' luggage. Bradley told Miles, Jennifer and Megan to follow him. Miles took Megan's arm and they walked up a boarded platform into the ship. It looked fancy with curtains on the windows and the wood looked in good shape. Megan was glad Bradley and Miles had money because she had read stories about the old beat up unattractive ships. This wasn't the case here. Megan and Jennifer looked around and Megan forgot about the fate of the Titanic. A man took Megan and Jennifer to their rooms. Bradley and Miles found their rooms.

One of the beds had a pink quilt with doves and the other bed had a quilt with red roses. The beds were good size and the room was big. There were pictures of oceans on the wall. Megan could hear the water rocking the ship. She hoped that they wouldn't get sea sick. Their luggage was left by the beds and they thanked the men.

"Just think we will soon be on out way to France. I can't wait." Jennifer flopped down on the bed.

"I know. This ship is really nice."

"Of course. Did you think otherwise? Jennifer asked.

"How will we find Bradley and Miles?"

"I am sure they will find us." Jennifer wanted a nap but she didn't want to miss anything. There were noises from the other cabin.

"I can't believe you bought your Mistress! You promised me a trip to France. You bought that tart! How could you?"

"Silence, woman! I am the man. I have all the money and the power. If it wasn't for me, you would be a whore in the streets! That is where I found you. At least my Mistress has class! Shut up and be nice to my Mistress or I will throw you over board!"

A door was shut and Megan and Jennifer's room vibrated.

"I hope they aren't going to fight all the the time. At least you and I will never have those problems. There goes my nap. Those Jack Asses!" Jennifer got off the bed.

"I feel sorry for her. He must have promised her a good life and she must have been a lady of the night. I guess she has to put out, put up, shut up, accept the mistress and count her blessings. Sad." Megan felt sorry for the woman.

Just then there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" asked Megan.

"A handsome man. Your vampire." It was Miles.

Megan opened the door and kissed Miles. An older couple walked by and the woman grumbled. "They have no shame or respect."

"I am getting married to this handsome man and I can kiss him when ever I want!" Megan held her hand with the engagement ring.

"Best Wishes." The man took off his hat. His wife threw her nose up in the air and left.

"This trip is starting out great." Jennifer said.

Megan told Miles about the couple next door.

"That will never be us. We love each other and I would never leave you, my Princess." Miles kissed Megan.

"Get a room!" Jennifer said.

Just then Bradley showed up. "Are we ready to take a walk on the ship?" He kissed Jennifer's cheek and held her close.

Just then they heard voices saying the ship was getting ready to leave. The ship creaked and groaned. Miles put his arm around Megan to steady her and Bradley did the same for Jennifer. The ship was heading out.

Megan couldn't wait to go up on deck. Bradley had his arm around Jennifer and the ship seemed to be at a good speed. Miles and Megan went up on deck and so did Jennifer and Bradley. The ocean was so blue and beautiful. They saw other ships and boats. Megan could see the town as they were leaving. London. It was beautiful but Megan was ready to see France. Jennifer was thinking the same thing. Megan remembered how happy the people looked in the movie Titanic. She had the same feeling. She hoped they would have a safe voyage. She prayed they would. She smiled and cuddled next to Miles and Bradley did the same with Jennifer. They were on their way to France.

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