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A deeper look inside the monster
I am Lost,
My feelings are No more.
I am Blind,
There is no such thing as Love.
I am a Goddess,
Too many men to Count.
I am a Ghost,
My spirit has Died down.
I am a Shadow,
Always there, never Seen.
I am Lust,
Never Loved.
I am a Toy,
Used and Broken.
I am Trash,
Ready to throw it all Away.
I am Water,
Released from my Eyes.
I am Bruised,
Many hits, no Cause.
I am Trouble,
Danger is my Shadow.
I am Hell,
Granddaughter of Satan.
I am a Mystery,
A puzzle with missing Pieces.
I am Empty,
Shallow as they Say.
I am Me,
Never to be Happy.
I am a Monster,
A cause of disaster.
I Am Nothing Of Importance!
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