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The story of a most perfect relationship to change someone's life.
I let my mind 'n heart dance this pen to my paper
Imma dance, baby, like I move my feet to this beat
Expressin' how I feel, I'll put this in your ear
Now I don't wanna see a tear, lemme make that very clear
Open up your heart 'n it won't be hard to hear
Don't make a peep or cause any heat, I'm not here to compete
Go ahead 'n take a seat before my heart loses beat
Relax, I'll let ya know when its about to complete.

I was gonna tell you later cuz you keep checkin' my radar
But sugar, speed is hella sweet and i got the pedal to my feet
After you, I am cuz you're my guilty treat
Livin' life in the fast lane, i'm bringin' the heat.

Some memories so few, but so vivid with you
You prolly don't remember and I don't blame whats in it for you,
Dont take it personal, i understand your point of view so here's a small review--

Remember the night cruisin subi all cute like my tour guide?
I felt like Jasmine gliding on Aladdin's magic carpet ride
Kickin' it outside, gazin' up high, we could see it in the sky
That gods starry, bright diamonds would never lie
Feeling everything align, as one of a kind.

The taste of your kiss was pure natural bliss
Became intoxication, something I grew to miss.
With no other man, did I ever see a plan
Now ive come to a stand tellin myself that i can

What I'd already found, I couldn't find in messin' around
To this day i abide, youre what makes my world whole and wide.
Kickin' it with you the other night,
I was killin' by your side
Like Bonnie 'n Clyde
It was something you didn't hide
Being with you, I denied that you ever lied
But things got tied so you ran away to hide

One day you made my whole world whirl
And you spat me out to be this unique black pearl
Scrapin' up painful memories of the after -- forget them
I can't keep trippin on what happened with them
Seems like its been a lifetime cuz every second was unbearable pain
But it was only 2 year ago-
you know they sa that after 7, to forgive 'n let go
But following your dreams don't fit that logo
And when it comes to reachin dreams
I'm stretchin', head to toe
Speakin a dreams, every night thats where youre playin
Focused and fiending for my sinful craving - till satisfaction guaranteed
Imma make my dreams come true - Until I succeed.

Insomnia never slept so well without his sleeping beauty
'N Bell would never dance without her beloved beast
The way you loved the snow made you such a cutie
Everything you did was fairytale to say the least

Cliche is what they say
But there's no other way
When my green eyes met your blue-
the ocean, that's for true.
Ya, I already knew-
so many fish in the sea
Forget it.
I want you.

I know this is crazy ish
I don't need you, that's childish
To want you, that's mildish
To have you, that's my wish

Is it weird to say
Since things went gray
That I think about your ways
like every day.

Comin' out your mouth I was "babygirl"
Then you spat me out into this new black pearl
One day you made my whole world whirl
How dareI make your paintbrush curl

What a masterpiece-
How you make a rare black pearl
fit so perfectly into your common mural.
As I'm about to complete
Wait a second, no need to be descrete
Hold on, I'm not tryin' to put anything in concrete
Puttin our consciences to peace,
I'm tryin' to make this short 'n sweet
By showing you your masterpiece
All on one sheet.
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