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by Squid
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I wrote this to myself in regards to another human being.
Dear beautiful, blonde, bike-riding boy child,
    I just hope you know that I have never experienced such a deep, retching sense of sorrow as when I realized that the only knot tied between our souls had been severed. The sorrow I felt was not for myself but, rather, for the soul of another totally dominated by ego. I mean to say your soul. You burned the bridge between your ever-dominant ego and away from your inner self.  You see, dear innocent child, your inner self is your connection with existence and the rest of all things alive. Goodness and harmony gave birth to us and society gave birth to our egos. We are all just byproducts of expectation lain before us by them.
    The sublime power of nature and its associations with our inner selves bound us together. Where are you to turn? Now you are alone in a dark, false world created by your own mind. This is a painfully frightening place to live. You'll never grow! You may never escape the confines of your perception of reality! You are no screeching bat! Why do you wish for your home to be in a cave? You may never experience true joy and peace again because you believe them to be false and impossible.
    We think, therefore we are. What we think molds us into who we are. As of now, it is my duty as a human being to dedicate the rest of my blessed time on this earth toward eradicating the burdens that I have placed on your soul. You mustn’t forget from where you and I and all things originated. This force causes our souls to cooperate in a healthy and symbiotic manner. Without connection to your inner self, our souls may very well both wither and die.  I will not lay motionless and witness your life wasted and your soul lost.Your innocence and good intentions shall not dissipate. Life is a miracle. Existence itself is a miracle. All of this is in plain sight. Why can’t you see it, too? Why is your vision so clouded by the deceitfulness presented in the environment around you? Touch the ground. The earth is alive and she is your comfort. Situations both desirable and horrific must be appreciated equally, for we are still alive. We feel, Both forces create balance. Open the channels that attach you to the truth as it really is. Accept. Rejoice. Please reconstruct this bridge. I know there are bricks and cement waiting inside of you somewhere. A black cloud is settling over my own vision due to my sympathy for your precious, lost, soul. I hope so badly to not ultimately forget the truth as well. If this happens, we are both doomed to lead empty, miserable lives. We will be miserable if we are hungered to death. We will be miserable even if we succeed monetarily and become praised by them all.  I cannot help you reconnect with your inner self if my ego dominates me as well. I wrote this to remember a peace that once existed within us both at one point just in case we never feel it again. I will save you or lose my own soul trying.
          -Your Squid
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