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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Death · #1850190
A war story. 5th of the series.

5- intro.

Running rapidly for a long period of time is only possible with a certain amount of knowledge and experience. This was viable for Alexis Rivera. She was always an athletic person-she joined the basketball team in high school and college, served the U.S. Army for a while after gaining a Ph.d., and jogged and swam daily. Unfortunately for her boyfriend, Manny Diaz, running was impossible. Besides being overweight, Diaz never ran before in his life. Alexis constantly fretted about him being too fat and how he should keep a routine of exercise in the past, but Manny never felt the need to.

         Until now, when a horde of zombies chases them.

         As they turned left to the next block, Manny stopped and coughed, "I can't go any further, Alexis." "You're gonna get all of us killed! Let's go!" Alexis tried to drag him with no success. The zombies appeared from the fog and approached them fast. Horrified by them, she ran without her boyfriend. She heard sets of intense screaming followed by sounds of skin ripping. She wiped her last tear as she jumped over a fence guarding an automobile factory, saying: "No Trespassing."

         Behind what was remaining of a wall, Alexis checked her phone. A signal bar...! She immediately called 911 and received an answer. "Hello? I need help right now! These zombies are following me and they killed my boyfriend and-"
"Ma'am, please calm down. Please provide us your location."
"Well this is -"
Static buzzed loudly.
"Sorry, ma'am. Would you please-"
Static buzzed again and ended the call.
"Hello? Hello?"
By the time she noticed that the signal bar was lost, she was surrounded by a horde of zombies.
"Joder!" she cursed.
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