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Professor is on his evening stroll as he feels as if he's being chased. Is someone there?
Professor Gabe was strolling down a dark street near the beach. He could feel the blissful smell of ocean mist in the air. It had become a routine for him to take evening walks after dinner, alone, probably smoking a cigarette as he did this time. He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly he felt a couple of rain drops falling through his cheeks. He knew he had to return home – getting ill affects a professor’s life a lot, especially when the professor is working on research projects.

As he turned at the next bend, he felt as if he was being stalked since the time it started to rain. He turned around to see an empty street. The street was darker than the cloudy sky. He increased his pace. He was grown up enough to face the uncertain stalker but this time he couldn’t even move his neck which had become stiff by now. Every pace felt harder than previous on the pavement, splashing through the tiny puddles made by rain.

He wanted to run faster, but he could not. His heartbeats were loud enough to be heard by ears but heavy un-rhythmic breath was louder. The adrenaline in his blood had done all what it could, but it seemed that it was all what his weary stamina could endure. The hard steps were slow now. With the next step he felt himself getting grabbed from behind. The cigarette dropped on the street, with its glowing end now diminishing by the water on street pavements. He could feel something tearing his flesh and breaking through the old ribs. He turned around – and saw a familiar face in the dark. The scowl on his blue dying face displayed the bewilderment and anger – because he knew his killer very well, and loved as he’d love his own child. But now he was dying.

The killer pulled the knife out and stabbed him again. Professor’s eyes were wide open, and he lost his control over them. Dropping blood was diluting with the water on street. The killer still had no expressions on his face as he made a final stab, and let the body fall down. The street was empty again, and the corpse was bathing under rains.
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