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A friend can change how you see things.
        If Only And I Wish

    How many times have you heard this? " I wish "? Or this one, " If only "?  I am here, now, to tell you that I have a friend who said to me on occasion, " If life was a wishing well "!

    He was a paradox. In an esoterical sense, And, in a world of practicallity he brought forth the impossible. What appeared to be physically improbable became irrelevant due to the simple fact that what I was looking at somehow changed or metamorphased because I was sharing the experience with him!

      Jeff Briggs is his name. When I worked, surfed, played music or hung out with my friend, things happened. I could surf two foot Kealia with Jeff and feel like it was the only place on Earth I wanted to be. Major's Bay closing out was still the most fun and Pakala, from Waimea, the long walk way, Robinson roping surfers, mushy sections, unconnected, was still a piece of heaven through Jeff's eyes.

    Because he enjoyed what was before him with an un-natural exuberance the disease he was infected with passed on to me. This disease is called, " Perception ".

      So the ocean calls. How far does one travel from shore? When one is infected by Jeff's disease, the security of a shoreline representing protection or sheltor becomes the threat!  Unthreatening are the open seas of imagination which alters the physical, mental and spiritual world we are all surrounded by.. Well, maybe I have taken this disease to a new level! I enjoy open seas with a strong prevailing wind. " If only " Jeff was still here, " I wish ", is such a small thing to say!

    " I miss", is larger.  I miss, my friend, Jeff Briggs.
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