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Even dragons have wishes...
Dalthyrian, the dragon,
flew around his eyrie high
for he twas looking past the rain
to find a rainbow in the sky.
He'd heard it said, in fireside tales
that leprechauns roam near
to where the rainbow met the earth
so far he flew from homey weir.

To catch the little elf, he thought,
should be no chore for such as he
although he needed not the gold
perhaps he'd trade a wish, you see.
Dragons command the very sky
with fiery breath and wings spread wide.
They could be commanding and aloof:
for every dragon has his pride.

But Dalthyrian was lonely,
tis no fun to fly as one
he wished to find a dragoness fair
to fly with him beneath the sun.
And there where mountain met the stream,
where glade of flowers purple shone,
he saw the arch of color touch
a place of shimmery, sparkly stone.

He swept in tight behind the elf,
snatched him with claw and flew him high
and settling on a mountain top
set to explain his want and why.
I'll give you gold, the elf replied
for that is what I do.
I've no need of your gold, my friend--
I wish a mate both fair and true.

The leprechaun was nay cruel or mean
he could see the dragon's plight,
gave him a piece of shamrock gold
to put beneath his head that night.
Dalthyrian returned the elf to glade,
and then flew home into his nest.
He went to sleep, to find his dream
sure the elf would fill his one bequest.

Dalthyrian slept atop the coin
dreaming deep of lady dragon fair,
and while he slept, the elf snuck in
to explore the dragon's lair.
He took a bit of golden shell,
and found magenta peacock feather,
he took a ribbon some maiden lost
and mixed in a bit of spring March weather.

Amethyst and golden chain,
an emerald fair as shamrock green,
a ruby pried from ancient sword
would all comprise new dragon queen
He sprinkled this with love's adornement,
found a sprig of moonmint too,
then he used his trueborn magic
to create a dream come true.

When dawn had gilded sky to gold
Dalthyrian awoke and found
a smaller, sleeping dragon
lying near him on the ground.
He woke her gently and breathed her name
for she was Alyeria, was plain to see.
The leprechaun had worked his magic:
and she was perfect and lovely.

Her wings were gossamer, but strong,
her claws were jeweled, painted green,
her scales were iridescent
giving off metallic sheen.
She opened eyes that purple swirled,
and looked 'round the place she seemed to be in,
and in that moment fell in love
with the Dragon, Dalthyrian.

Together they flew to find the elf
searching rainbows far and wide--
he must attend them on the day
that Dalthyrian took his dragonbride.
They found him in a glade of trees,
thanked him with bounty of dragon prize
a new shillelagh of willow wood
carved with magical seeing eyes.

T'will keep you safe, the dragon said,
and give you bounty of your own.
Perhaps you'll wish for love said she
adjusting her new dragon crown.
Word was sent across the valley
to join together on wooded knoll
and so they came to wish good egging
dragon, unicorn, faery and troll.

You can see them still atop their mountain
where they collect their maps and watch the dawn,
still friends are they with Patrick O'Shea
their magical, whimsical leprechaun.
Dreams do come true at rainbow's end
so seek with heart and open mind
and one day too, when you least expect it
a leprechaun you too shall find.
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