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How do we know what is good? Who is good and what is right? Where is a friend I can trust?
                          Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday

      I recommend breaking the roots of a shallow fellowship, squandered by ties that are meaningless.

When one's life is jeapordized or compromised by a childish loyalty or fellowship bound, as if written in stone; because of a behavior and false loyalty that constricts a freedom of spirit and does place chains and constraints upon an exploration of freedom itself; let it go or beware!

      A friend lost, is nothing, more or less, than a new Sun dawning on a today horizon.  Today one's childhood is forgotten.  Never to be remembered; no matter how hard one tries!

    In  rememberance is falsehood.  Despicable memories, shaped by what one wished was true and buried that truth in a re-writing of a wish into a dream that becomes stronger and more true in the lie of the telling. I say," scream"!

      Truth does not exist in shadow.  Honesty lives for light.  Captain James Cook was more than a great Captain. History has no need of a re-write about him.  It is logged!  He knew Bly..... Captain Bly was a prick.  Great sailor, miraculous navigator, lousy Captain.

      Not everyone is designed to be great!  Nor recognized or highly regarded. 

    If one asked  great men how they arrived in a particular special place of enoblement or a position of respect by their peers, I promise you their uniform answer is, " I did nothing more than anyone would have done, faced with the particulars of that moment in time"!  "I am not a hero". "I am everyman and nothing more".

      My hope is, that in the fiction of my life, there may just be some truth to it! Some small meaning that carries the rudiments of the love that I would pray fell upon, not just my family, but upon the family of man.

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