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I was inspired by the Cartier Jewelry commercial and decided to write this.
The Princess wouldn't marry the old wizard-
so he used his magic to change her snow leopard
into a pewter snow leopard with green emerald eyes.
He cursed the Princess to live forever.

The pewter snow leopard was sold to gypsies
and members of royalty all through the centuries.
The pewter snow leopard never lost it's shine or value.
It ended up in a jewelry store in France.

The Princess moved all through the centuries.
she ended up living in New York.
She never forgot her pet snow leopard.
She married and became a Fashion Designer.

Her husband knew about her snow leopard and the curse
but he didn't judge or think her mad.
She had always told the truth and been his-
faithful loving, devoted wife.

A storm with thunder and lightning-
shattered the glass of the jewelry store.
The pewter snow leopard's curse was broken!
He was once again a living animal!

The snow leopard ran through the city.
He was running at lightning speed-
on a mission to find his beloved Princess owner.
No time to stop. Destiny was his!

He passed up a carriage in the snow pulled by two horses.
He encountered a dragon but the dragon was friendly.
The dragon led him to an underground tunnel.
The snow leopard rose out of the ground.

He saw elephants carrying small houses.
He jumped on one of the elephants
who kindly gave him a ride.
He then jumped on a old Wright's brother's plane.

It flew by a mountain and the snow leopard
jumped off and ran again like lightning speed.
Into the city he ran and the streets became-
red carpet under his feet. She was near by.

Into the beautiful mansion the snow leopard crept
and up the stairs he did run in a hurry.
The beautiful red head Princess was sitting on a love seat.
She embraced the snow leopard and cried in his fur.

She had all she needed. A loving husband and her snow leopard.
The Princess, her husband and the snow leopard lived happily ever after.
A world of fantasy, you say?
Don't blame me. I was inspired by a commercial.

I invite you to go to Cartier on the web site and view the beautiful three minute commercial that inspired me to write this. The Cartiers commercial is also on YouTube. I love this commercial. It is beautiful and if they give out Awards for commercials, this would win. It is 3 minutes long and worth every detail. Thanks!

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