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Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #1856246
A group of survivors trying to live in a world overrun by zombies
The cool wind of the Atlantic coast keeps me on my toes as I run down the beach. The sand, hot and in some places moist, sprays out behind me as my arms and legs pump. Sunlight is just barley blinking open it's eyes to the new day.
It's been three days since the Compound had found me leading a ragtag group of survivors or rather what was left of us. Over the course of three years the world population has plummeted from seven and a half billion people to almost under one-fourth of that or that's what I figure maybe more, maybe less. That's only the living not the walking dead.
I reach the fence at the end of the five mile long stretch beach and take a swig of water from the military issue canteen given to me when I got here. A siren goes off back at the building telling all that the fences have been breached, my eyes automatically search the stretch of fence directly in front of me. I let out a small gasp as I see a flash of movement from a WD charging me from the fence. My body reacts before my mind does as I jump out of the way turn on my heal and run as if I had a hoard of rabid dogs chasing me. My chest is on fire by the time the building is within sight and the sounds that greet my ears are what I heard when my camp in the canyon had been attacked by the WD.
As I near the building gunfire explodes from the watchtower in burst, short, sharp, and deliberate. I chance a glance over my shoulder and see I had much more than one of those things chasing me and with each burst of fire some fell. My foot catches on something tripping me and reducing my speeding body to arms and legs tumbling over each other. Hitting hard on the concrete I look to see what was laying in the path I just had cut short, my breath catches in my throat as I see the body of a solider and friend. I scramble to my feet, hook my arms under hers and grab tight to her uniform as fire from the watch tower explodes again. DW's are gaining on me and the fire from the tower becomes less short, whoever was up there was trying to buy me time to get inside the building which lies three more feet behind me. Struggling with my friend I give a heave and pull her onto my shoulder and run as fast as I can with the extra two hundred pounds of her gear and uniform.
The door slides open to the building I drop my friend trying to make sure she doesn't hit her head when she lands. I spin around and slam my hand onto the manual overdrive on the security system and lock the door so I have to open and close it manually if someone needs in. I run to the command center and see it empty, so I grab a com link and start broadcasting on all open and emergency channels, no response greeted my ears. The cameras show that no one is in the halls, daycare, school, or walking around the hospital. A small movement on the camera at the door catches my eye, someone is shooting and trying to get the door to work at the same time. I turn on my heel and run at a wild sprint down the hall to open the door for the poor soul that was caught outside.
Pushing the door open I yell above the sound of the gun
"Get in here now!"
The man turns and the second his foot hit the threshold I slam the door shut. I hear a thud turn and see the man on his knees gasping for breath and trying to get the thing strapped to his back off. I walk over and help him as I slide the thing off I hear a whimper turn it around and come face to face with a baby. I look at him he reaches up and gently grabs her.
"Her name is Emmy, I'm Emil by the way."
"Names Jess do you know what happened here?"
The look he gives me I one of those are-an-idiot looks I got from a lot of people my first day here. He sighs and explains that first off everyone but us is probably dead because before the DW attacked a rival group that is always trying to steal food and such got here first. Long story short the rival group killed or drove out most of the compounds occupants and stole most of the supplies then let the DW in to finish off any survivors.
My friend moans and I turn to look at her I tell her she looks like she got hit by a freight train that earns me a smile. She sits up slowly holding the back of her head.
"How did I get in here last I remember I was outside talking to Jack and someone hit me in the head."
"I carried you in here sleeping beauty!"
She stares at me for a moment blinks and starts laughing. She says something about me being to puny to do that and starts to say something else but is cut short by a whin from Emmy. I turn and make introductions between Emil, Emmy, and herself. She looks at the baby and her eyes tear up.
"She looks like Avery." she says nearly as soft as a whisper .
How could I be so stupid she told me she had lost her child to phenomena last year, a little girl with chocolate brown eyes that always seemed like they were smiling and slightly wavy light brown hair, Emmy looks a lot like that. I grab her in a hug and hold her as she cries, Emil ask timidly if she wanted to hold her Lizzy shakes her head yes and takes Emmy in her arms and shows the motherly side I see when she is around children.
I walk back to the command center and try the com link again this time I get an answer,
"Compound this is Falcon chopper do you copy?"
"Falcon chopper this is Compound I copy."
"Compound what is your status, over."
"Falcon chopper status is limited food and few survivors, over."
"Compound how much is limited and few, over."
"Falcon I just ran a inventory check food for a week and four survivors myself included, over."
"Compound we will try and reach you if we cannot you will have to make it to a base about forty miles away, over."
"Falcon negative cannot make forty we have an infant with us, over."
"Compound if we can't make it you go forty or your on your own, over."
"Falcon you don't make it we leave and find somewhere to hold that has supplies and food near or at that location, over."
"Compound we hear you be cautious will contact you later with updates on your rescue, Falcon over and out."
"Falcon we read you contact at 0800 if possible Conpound over and out."

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