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Documentation from other writers, as I read other sources for my book. Tedious work!
Bibliography for Kaleidoscope

This is just a start . . .my draft thinking page...I've been e-Bay hunting as well as Amazon hunting for bipolar books for over ten years. This isn't all, but it's a lot of information to digest

An Unquiet Mind by Dr Kay Redfield Jamison

Touched With Fire by Dr Kay Redfield Jamison

Electroboy by Andy Behrman

Welcome to the Jungle by Hilary Smith

Finding Your Bipolar Muse by Lana R. Castle

The Bipolar Survival Guide by David J. Miklowitz, PhD

Bipolar Disorder for Dummies by Candida Fink, MD and
Joe Kraynak

Madness by Marya Hornbacher

Soaring and Crashing by Hollu Holan

My Kind of Crazy by Janine Crowley Haynes

The Bipolar Disorder Answer Book by Charles Atkins, MD

Bipolar 101 by Ruth C. White, PhD, MPH, MSW resource for bipolar disorder
and John D. Preston,PsyD, ABPP

The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder by Stephanie Marohn

Detour by Lizzie Simon

The Bipolar Handbook by Wes Burgess, MD, PhD

I'm Not Crazy Just Bipolar by Wendy K Williamson Primary resource on bipolar disorder

Two Bipolar Chicks by Wendy K Williamson

Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder by John McManamy

Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists by John D Preston,PsyD, ABPP; John H O'Neal,
MD; Mary C Talaga, PhD

The Everything Health Guide to Adult Bipolar Disorder by Jon P Bloch, PhD

Bipolar Disorder Demystified by Lana R Castle Primary source for bipolar disorder information

I know I'll be adding some more books to add because I just ordered some more from Amazon and e-Bay. We'll see how fast I read, compose, and produce. If you have interest in bipolar disorder, I'd love to hear from you in an e-mail--Patrice@Writing.com
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