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A poem about growing up and the heartache that comes with it
Just A Baby

She’s just a baby
Young to the world
Unaware of the ways of men
Innocent to the point of naïve

She looks at Mom to show her who to be
She looks at Dad to teach her to love
She looks at family to mold and shape her
She looks to friends to walk beside her

She doesn’t know what danger is
She doesn’t know the thoughts of others
She doesn’t know the meaning of love
She doesn’t know all words are not true

She’s just a Child
Learning to laugh
New to these thoughts
Unafraid and carefree

She looks to see that you’re still there
As she looks to the future
She looks to your eyes
Each tiny look, she memorizes
She looks to know you care
As she looks to life who isn’t fair

She trusts the false smiles
She trusts the longing gazes
She trusts the prettied words
She trusts too much

She clings to words of comfort
She clings to any hint of joy
She clings to childhood peace
She clings to what has passed

She’s just a baby
About to enter the world
Unaware of the danger
Unaware of the hurt

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