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by jaya
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Sofia draws for her dad.
My Father

Hi, I’m Sofia. I am six years old and in grade two. Mummy told me it’s going to be Father’s Day soon! So I asked her what I should do for my father.

“There are a number of options honey. You can draw pictures or do some art work, anything that you think he likes,” she said.

I think I am going to draw our family; dad, mom, Pablo my younger brother, and me. May be Pablo will do some coloring. He loves coloring. I am going to link our hands like saying “we are a team”. Dad will be happy and he will give me a smile and a kiss. How thrilling!

You see, my dad does so many things for me. Everyday he drops me at school on his bike and picks me up after school. It is such fun riding the bike, looking at people and the passing trees. He takes us to the park, to the marine world and to the zoo. I love to watch the fish in aquariums. In summer, dad and mom took us to the pool. I was afraid to get into the water. Then my dad showed me how to swim like the fish. He was with me from two to four in the afternoon for two weeks while I was learning to swim. I love the blue swimsuit my grandmother gave me. She says I look like a little mermaid while I swim. Just think of that! A mermaid! Half fish and half girl! Granny says it is just imagination. Now I can swim by myself from one end of the pool to the other.

Dad taught me how to add and subtract numbers and I also practice multiplication tables with him. He says number work is like a game. You can play it well if you know the rules. Now I can do my math easily. Numbers are such fun.

Guess what! When I saw dad playing chess with uncle Gregory, I too wanted to play. I asked him to teach me. Every weekend I started playing a game with him. It is very interesting. I told my teacher about it. Miss Mailman, my teacher, asked me to enter the chess competition for juniors. I played three games and won two. So Miss. Graham, our principal gave me a shining trophy. We have sent a photo of the presentation of the trophy to my grandparents. They said they loved it.

I’ve just finished the picture. Pablo says he knows which colors to use for each of us. I am asking him to color dad’s shirt in blue and white checks, because it is his favorite shirt.

I am so excited. Mom says the drawing is beautiful. I know my father will like it a lot. I will write a header using different stencils “We Love You Dad”. It is so cool.

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