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That which tests our resolve and hammers at the gate...
Such love can be found in the smile of a friend,
such sorrow can be felt at the stab of a lie
Much joy can be shared among those whom you trust;
much time can be wasted in envy or pride.

Deception, deceit but eat at the heart
where rotted flesh devours the whole--
Such sad business; such talent wasted
yet truth shall prove the honest soul.

The vine of life gains strength and spirit
through waters fresh and clean and bright--
kept pure by very air surrounding
friendships, words and what is right.

Does naught but strengthen our resolve
that which hammers at our door;
with dragon waiting, banners flying
the tree shall root, and grow and more.

Wizard's words peal out in sunslight:
No more the sting of bee or snake--
for he be banished to self-made prison
and he, the key, no skill to make.

Time will tell the longest story;
integrity will bridge the stream,
and we'll march on in our next chapters
going forth the meet the dream.

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