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NOT what you think. The folks one meets at poetry readings.
Her name is Nancy. If you didn't know
you wouldn't know and she is stunning.
She had another name--
the male name she was born with;
the name she used when she became a father to her son.
She is mid gender reassignment.
Nancy didn't want to be a he
because she felt she was a she
inside, but
after going though the things one does
to be she from he
links not with a male because
she likes women, always did,
as a he and as a she. Yet
she is with a she who was a he made she.

Hard to wrap my mind around
but in the long run, it matters not.
I sit with my eyes closed, as I
usually do
when listening to poetry.
I hear
her speak:
she plays with words,
symbolic nuances and symmetry.
She crafts layers which delve into multiple meanings
where what is said resonates
and what is silent
is given voice.
She is a brilliant poet.

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