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Has life really changed that much for a young woman to lose her daddy?
Daddy's little girl where have you gone?
Have you grown up or are you simply just gone?

I used to be that little girl, daddy's little girl.
Why am I no longer your baby girl?
Has our life changed that much in the past couple of years?

You chose them over me.
Why do I have to be left in the dark, while you have another family without me?
Why can't I have you too?
Why have you replaced me with a new daddy's girl?
Why can't we both be daddy's little girls?

I know I haven't made it easy all these years.
But is it that bad that now you refuse to talk to me?
I know I hurt you, but you hurt me too.
We have gotten through worse together, always having each other in the end.

Has she changed you that much?
Has she made you forget all about me?
Did you realize long ago that you no longer need me?
Am I really that disposable to you?
Am I that replaceable to you?

Do you hate me that much?
I need you now daddy, but you won't help me.
Instead I have to help myself.
Is this girl supposed to go through the rest of her life without her daddy?

I want you to be there daddy as I go through life.
I need you so I can learn.
Learn from your experiences and try not to make the same mistakes.
I want you to be there when I take that step in life, to have my own family.
I want you to be the one to give me away, closing one chapter of my life.
But opening a new one.

Why can't you accept me for who I am?
Isn't that supposed what daddy's do?
Accept their daughters for who they are?
Love them for being them?
Teach them not to pretend?
Love who they love?

Instead I have to live with the fact that you hate me.
I know you don't understand.
I know you know deep down that it needed to happen.
I hope I get to have you back one day.
Soon before all the amazing parts of my life start to happen.

For now I guide myself blindly through life.
Hoping one day, you will be the push behind me guiding me to succeed.
I hope I get to have you back.
I hope I can one day be daddy's little girl again.

In the meantime I hope you remember the times we had.
I hope you remember that once upon a time I was daddy's little girl.
Your little girl.

Let's go back to the way things were.
But in the present.
With me as the young woman you raised me to be.

I love you daddy.
Always will.
No matter what God decides to throw our way.


Your lost daddy's little girl
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