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A heart mishandled, and a head still held high
- Remnats of The King

Loved the great king once, It was she. . . For he came forth with word anew, unlike any she’d before heard.
A willing participant, was she to serve, honor love and respect. . . . After such treachery.

A warrior, head high in the midst of almost certain defeat. For more what could a king ask of, I ask?

Before, she who had come then, loathed this servant a new she did. Reached into that darkest depths her heart, and called forth. . .  MALICE.

The King, ah the King. Agreed of course not to such. But howeve, it was his misdeeds that had priored the stage’s setting.

Any a man! for if he has not mastered the weather and made quite the storm within his own kingdom, surely he does not, dance for the rain . . Or does he?

Have you ever looked out to sea? The ocean, 'tis but a marvelous wonder of peace. Tranquility.

However. . . her God, if not honored, the proper offering not given. . .
Hell is to be the price paid by all who dare foolishly sail her.

For she shall be made to conjure up waves. That would bring even the Kraken to a most dreadful plea. And rustle the hair on the very God Cyon himself, a wind that she’d bring forth would.

And it was this, that failed. Both the King, and his would be, anew. For as he did- not, in the beginning, in the end, he did- not.

So she who had been, ran rampid with the deeds of the damned and practices of heavens least desired. . .  The new light faded, and withered to a mere trickle of a glimpse of what had once been.

So for she who had been, and the King, as it once was, it was to be again.

Amrus my dear, stride ever so gracefully forward as you may, know this. . .
Your patience shall not be in vain. Your giving shall not go unrewarded.
And your love, shall not go unreturned. . .

                                                                        Signed - LOVE
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