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A quick poem I wrote after a long time thinking.
If I sit, staring up into the sky
Will I see the faces of my past
Depicted in the white solemn clouds?

If I follow the lines, on a winding road
Will they lead me to a new beginning
Free of yesterday's pain and sorrow?

If I climb to the top, of the highest tree
Will the world reveal itself to me
So I may travel its planes without restriction?

If I press the reset button, in the game of life
Will it all rewind, to my date of birth
Allowing me to try again until I succeed?

If I look into a person's eyes
Will I see the contents of their soul
Displaying their eternal flame?

If I travel a million miles
Will I comprehend the distance
That led me to that point in life?

If I learn all the world has to offer
Will I still crave for more knowledge
Or, search it again to find a deeper meaning?

If I watch the world end
Will I be left to the earth
Abandoned by heaven and hell?

If I sit and think
Will I understand my own thoughts
Or be overcome by the vanity of humanity?

If I do all these things
Will I still have a reason
To live on?
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