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This is when it all begins. With the meeting of the boy with silver eyes.
Megan dropped her bag onto the floor and slid into her favourite chair by an open window. The sun shone peacefully through the gap, onto the recently polished wooden table. Closing her eyes, she leant back in her chair; breathing in the crisp air of a cool Sydney afternoon.

She opened her eyes and looked around the library. It was quiet and fairly empty as usual, only a few students seated among the other tables. A small gust of wind blew a strand of blonde hair around Megan’s face and she laughed as it tickled her cheek. Sighing deeply, she dived her hand into her bag and took out a list of books she needed for her assignment.

Getting up, Megan wandered over to the ancient history section. A small prickle on the back of her neck told her she was being watched. Megan quickly flipped her head from side to side, scanning the nearby bookshelves. No one was watching her; she must have imagined it.

“Someone’s a little jumpy today…”

A beautiful unknown voice echoed from the books beside her. Megan jumped slightly and pulled a textbook from the shelf. In the gap, Megan saw a pair of glistening silver eyes watching her. She looked deep into the strangers eyes; they were so beautiful, yet they also shone of mystery. The corners of the eyes tilted upwards, indicating a grin on the persons face.

Megan blinked and they were gone. She shook her head in disbelief and turned around. Standing in front of her was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. Standing tall in his designer shirt and jeans; the top two buttons undone, revealing a hint of pale skin. His light brown hair was golden in a stream of sunlight from a window. Megan continued to look him over. Saving his face for last, as she knew she would get lost in his enchanting silver eyes. Megan spotted the grin she knew he had to wearing; a mischievously cute one at that.

However, her eyes sought only one thing. Her light green longed to be trapped in a stare with his shining silver. Megan sighed internally and allowed herself one sneak glance at his eyes. Immediately she felt faint. He was dazzling. The most perfect thing Megan had ever seen.

The stranger smiled again, sending Megan’s heart into a flutter. She felt her cheeks go warm and her palms get sweaty. She looked away before she started drooling. A little voice inside her head was telling her not to screw this up. Megan agreed wholeheartedly.

Subtlety wiping her palms on her faded blue jeans, she looked up once more and this time she smiled. That seemed to work because he opened his mouth and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Darien. I’ve seen you come into the library a few times. What’s your name?”

She managed a little wave and a sheepish smile. A small chuckle escaped his lips and Megan internally hit herself for waving at Darien. She took a deep breath and decided to start over.

“Hi Darien it’s nice to meet you. I’m Megan and I’ve never seen you come into the library before.”

His eyes shone for a moment and Darien took a step forward. Megan’s heart continued to race as he came even closer.

“Well obviously I’m a little more observant than you are Megan.”

He smiled his perfect smile once more and Megan thought she might lose it. So she turned her back on him, looking for the right book on the shelf. Darien laughed under his breath but didn’t move. He stood directly behind her and Megan was acutely aware of how close his body was.

Megan found the books she wanted and turned to face him. He opened his arms as if to take them.

“Allow me.”

He said sweetly as he lifted the three books from her arms. She smiled in appreciation and walked away. Darien followed her silently and set the books on her table. She sat down carefully and Darien did the same right beside her.

A small gust of wind blew through the window and the scent of his cologne wafted around her. She breathed him in. He smelt sweet with a hint of something she couldn’t figure out. The wind also blew Megan’s hair around her face. As she went to tuck it behind her ears, a pale hand interrupted her. Darien wrapped her hair around his finger and tugged it sideways playfully, daring Megan to look at him. Ever so reluctantly she glanced in his direction.

“I was hoping I would get your attention sometime. I carry those three heavy books over here for you and I don’t get so much as a thank you.”

“Thank you.”

Megan breathed slowly trying to calm her frantic heart. Darien laughed once more and let go of her hair. She grinned in triumph and turned to her work load. Pulling out a book and pen she set to work on her assignment.

Darien didn’t interrupt her once. He just watched her and flicked through whatever book she wasn’t using. Megan struggled to focus on anything but Darien. She felt drawn to him in a way she had never felt before.
Every now and then he would glance in her direction. Darien would flash a sweet smile and return to his book. She returned the smile but wondered what he was really thinking. Her mind dwindled on that question while she took a short break. Once more, she leant back in her chair in the pretence of breathing in fresh air; however her mind was elsewhere. She longed to know what he was really up to. Darien had said he had been watching her, but she had never seen him; that’s strange, as it’s not exactly a crowded library after all.

Sitting forward she turned to face him. Darien looked up from his page and smiled sweetly. In return she burst out her question.

“Ok enough with the charm. What are you up to?”
Megan stared him straight in the eyes, ignoring the rapid beating of her heart. Darien stared back and stopped grinning. Instead he just shrugged.

“I don’t know do I have to have a reason to hang out with a beautiful girl?”

His question hung in the air between them. His face held a quizzical look, but Megan just stared at Darien in surprise.

“Beautiful…? I thought I told you to drop the charm?”

She struggled to say what she thought but that came close enough. This time Darien smiled. It wasn’t just an ordinary smile; a gorgeous grin spread across his flawless face, highlighting his perfection.
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