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I am writing about a perfect Birthday Party.
I decided to write about the best fantasy, perfect Birthday Party I would love to have. I hope you will enjoy reading this.

I want to have a party in the woods by the mountains at night. Maybe there would be a nice full moon. We could have a bon fire and roast hot dogs, chicken, brats-wursts, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, chocolate chip cookies and have pizza. A pizza of every kind. I would invite all my friends, my family and some special guests like: Johhny Depp, Kate Winslet, "Young and the Restless" cast, Danielle Steel, Stephanie Meyer, Kasey Kayne, Ryan Newman and his wife, Carl Edwards and his wife. "Vampire Diaries" cast, Princess Kate, Prince William, Leonardo DiCaprio, the main cast of "Twilight", the cast of the new "Dark Shadows" movie and cast of the old "Dark Shadows" series and 1992 "Dark Shadows" series. I would have Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Reba Mcintire, Miranda Lambert, Paul McCartney, Moody Blues, Glen Campbell, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman and Loretta Lynn perform. Oh! Of course Alice Cooper could be there and sing for us. This would be so cool.

I would decorate with lavender and purple balloons, streamers to match. There would be a large tent for the food and purple roses on a table and a sign in guest book. My guests are dressed like Medieval characters, vampires, pirates and Jane Austen type fashions.

Later,we could go to the ocean and then visit the Queen Of England at Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry and Pippa could be at my party but Harry would have to behave. I love Harry as much as I do everyone else at my party. I could dance with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Laurent, Peter {Carlisle of Twilight}, as well as Billie Burke, my husband Ray, Kasey, Ryan, Karl, "Vampire Diaries"Damon, Keith Urban and the Celtic Thunder men when they aren't performing and of course Johnny and Leo.It would be hard to let go of Johnny. Everyone knows that I love him. I would dance with Alice Cooper, too. I would dance with David Selby as well.

Here comes the cake. Wow! It has pictures of the new "Dark Shadows" Cast as well as the original cast and the "Twilight" cast and "Pirates of the Caribbean"cast on it. It is chocolate, vanilla and marble cake. It tastes great!

It is time to open gifts. I got a beautiful diamond tiara from Princess Kate and Prince William. Kate Winslet boughr me a pearl and blue heart necklace. The Young and the Restless cast gave me a small role on "Young and the Restless." What an honor! I got a Kohl's Gift Card from Kristen Stewart, a big screen TV from the cast of "Twilight", the cast of "Vampire Diaries", the original "Dark Shadows" cast, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are hiring men to build me my own Scrapbook Room! Wow! I get free season tickets to all the concerts from the singers I invited and free Nascar tickets from Kasey Kayne, Ryan Newman and Carl Edwards. Danielle Steel has asked me to help her write her next book plus got me a writing contract with her publisher, Stephanie Meyer has asked me to write the next "Twilight" series. Yes! My writing dream has come true! All my guests are going to help start my own animal rescue units. This is the best gift of all. I would get Kristen and Robert back together.

Since I wrote this a few years back, I would want the cast of Downton Abbey to attend my Birthday Party. Maybe have two women dress as Elsa and Anna of Frozen. A reindeer and someone in an Olaf costume.

This is my idea of a perfect Birthday Party. I would love to hear about yours!

Elsa and Bruni lizard picture.
My adorable Birthday sig by best friend Angel.
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