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A narrative poem about a powerful, fallen angel.
Fallen Angel

A narrative poem about a powerful, fallen angel.

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I have roamed the trackless universe for eons beyond counting
The storm within my troubled soul
As rage is ever mounting
Once I walked in Eden’s bliss along the garden ways
The water angel mentored me with love beyond accounting
And in my time of deepest joy with pipes and flutes and singing
Lucifer regaled me with rebel psalms undaunting. You are God, align with me and you will rule in power
Align with him, my being enticed
My wisdom, He could offer
My beauty changed from light to blight that made me cower
Cast away from God, I was
No more love from the water angel who mentored me, her flower
I knelt before Lucifer in a dark, sulfurous land
Death stood near the Devil’s hand
His face, an ashen corpse
You are despair and hopelessness
I have a role for thee
Destroy the joy and peace of men without thought or remorse
I walked among the demon lords
Murder, rage, and avarice all bow to me, for I was without passion
Even Death bowed down to me, for I was called despair
I ruled o’er all the incubus and succubus beings of rape
They hated, lusted, killed, and lied, but to me they bowed
For I was despair and their strength came from me
Lucifer came close to me; into the world I came
He said, “Bring down God’s chosen beings. O, slave, despair! You seem so free.”
Into the court of Solomon I went and brought King Solomon down
Though he was blessed by God, I brought his joy to nothingness
Vanity, all vanity, the great king called his life
With me in him, great Solomon fell to dreaded hopelessness
When Judas fell to Lucifer and betrayed Jesus Christ, I brought him to the hanging tree
And there he took his life
When Hitler saw his Reich disband, he took on my despair
I said, “There is no hope for you,” and there he died
Throughout the ages, I have sucked the souls of vibrant men
They cry for help, but I consign their souls to my own lifeless den
In their pride, they call to God who formed their broken souls
But in my dark, despairing way, I take them to their ken
Hopelessness, they cry
And I call beings of rage and lust to crush their shattered being
The demons wait for Lucifer to send me to the Earth
Despair I am, and I sit near the Devil’s throne
With Pride and Death, my comrades
I trek the timeless void to Earth, but in my deepest, inner being, I see the water angel beckon me
“Come into my arms. The Lord will heal thy broken soul and you can join me yet again in God’s celestial realm.”
I cannot go before the Lord in naked brokenness
I long to join the water angels for their sweet embrace
But Lucifer’s corrosive voice shouts, “You belong to me. You chose me in the distant past when Earth was newly formed. You are a ruler of my beings. You are despair, and what you were, will be forever mourning.”
I fell into the darkened hole that leads to the abyss
I see the souls I brought to Hell, enchained to countless demons
Then a great and mighty lake of burning sulfur rose
The humans lost were cast within like all the demon host
Lucifer himself was cast into the burning lake
I lost my being in this eternal cleansing, burning flame
I fell into the burning lake along with Death who was the last to be consumed
While flaying in the burning pitch, I heard a far-off, joyful sound in a land I could not go
The water angel sang before the Lord who loves the gentle and the meek
And as the fiery lake consumed all the Devil’s hosts, a new world formed where love ruled every soul

Word count: 652
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