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A familiar has plans for his powerful mistress...
After the mistress is off to sleep, I plot the task that was assigned
When she chose me as her familiar, after her mentor forcibly resigned.
I slither along the cold stone floor, thankful that I’m a creature of stealth.
Soon I will be of another species and posses so much magical wealth.

The role of the familiar is to aide the mistress with her spells select,
Though it often feels I’m just her sound board used to keep her mind in check.
But tonight I’ll use her own power to rob her of her dusty life.
There is no one else to stop me since she’s just a spirit’s wife.

With incantation on my tongue, doubly so because it’s forked,
I aim to steal her magical body and overflow with power; champagne uncorked.
“Freeze right there,” she says to me, my body stiff but ears alert.
“This won’t be your night of plunder. Slither away, before you get hurt.”

I want to ask how she knew, but realize the answer would never be needed.
The spell that I had planned to wield, she’d used. Her own mentor, defeated.

Line Count: 14
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