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Paradise Cove Entry ~ Supernatural prompt. Lina and Taylor
Taylor promised he would never leave Lina, that he would always be there and she would never be alone. She believed that, believed in him, trusted him enough to have faith in those reassuring words. Because of that promise, she let him in and gave him her heart completely. No man had ever come this close to her before. Fate had been cruel, dangling her heart’s desire so effectively in front of her. A real live, living, breathing knight to come rescue her and remind Lina what a partnership was all about. Every wall she built and defense fell away, she had everything she had ever wanted and more, and then cancer came ripping him right from her arms. They had dreamt in big ways about how they would make up for the years they had gone without each other. They didn’t get the benefit of meeting young; both had married and started families before finding each other in their late thirties. What could she do now? How did she move forward without her best friend, the man who swept into her life and knew her better than she even knew herself?

Sitting in her usual spot on the couch she stared at the painting of Venice. There was something familiar about that picture that constantly communicated to her; caught her attention and drew Lina in. It instantly consumed her as time slipped by in what felt like a brief moment, though on occasion hours disappeared. Lina recognized that scene, the canal and gondolas, as if she’d floated down that very canal before. Yet she’d never been lucky enough to visit Italy. When Taylor came into her life, they laughed about that painting, because he produced a puzzle that depicted the same exact scene. What were the odds? After he passed, she stumbled upon the plane tickets to Italy, a surprise for their honeymoon. She couldn’t let those go either. Nor could she get herself to board the plane and take her dream vacation alone.

He’d been gone for months, and in that time strange things began happening. Mostly she would shrug it off, but now the frequency and occurrences were just too much to discard. There were days when his cologne would waft through the apartment and stop her in her tracks. She would look around, pray to catch a glimpse of him, or sense his presence. On a few separate occasions she would swear on her life that he had touched her face, or kissed her mouth. Nothing else could explain that gentle caress on her cheek. It took her back to when they sat together simply talking, as if his index finger trailed lazily from her cheekbone to her jaw and back up again. Sometimes she couldn’t resist resting her palm there, over the spot where she imagined his hand would be, seeking the comfort only he could give her.

It was time Lina attempted to get back to life, knowing full well Tay would never be happy she was just marking time as he referred to it. For an hour Lina went through junk mail, discarding most until her back began to ache from leaning forward and bending over the garbage can. She pushed her chair back slightly, pressing her spine into the cool wood of the chair. That simple action made her breath catch as tears came instantly to her eyes and streamed down her face. He was here. Taylor was in that chair with her, sitting behind her and had his arms wrapped around her. Just leaning back she sunk into the very essence of all that he was.

He felt amazing, every bit as wonderful as she remembered. Every part of her body his energy came in contact with tingled, her entire back warmed instantly while her upper arms had sensation and heat as well. She was scared to move, afraid that if she did, he would vanish. Out of nowhere, she began to slowly rock in that chair, the same way he used to rock her when he held her. She closed her eyes, losing herself in that moment, in his very being as her heart and mind whirled in an enormous battle between what’s real and imagined. The ache in her heart suddenly faded as she sank deeper into him, all the while wishing her mind would cease with all the annoying questions, disrupting this beautiful moment. Lina knew she wasn’t crazy, knew that everything happening was real, that somehow, someway Taylor had kept his promise and returned to her. Not only had he come back, but he’d been giving her signs all along to let her know he was there.

“I’m sorry,” she cried, “I’m so sorry I’ve been dismissing the signs, Tay.”

Lina crossed her arms, placing her hands where she felt him, clinging and pulling him tighter to her. The world disappeared around her in that moment as she became lost in his embrace. She heard nothing more than her rapid heartbeat and breathing, felt nothing more than his strength and love as she cherished Tay. When she totally relaxed, he tightened his embrace. Her mind took over then, intruding on the magical moment, firing one obnoxious question after another at her.

This isn’t real. How can it be? He’s dead. It’s all in your head. If you tell anyone they will lock you up and say it’s the grief talking. No one will believe you.

Lina shot to her feet, gasping for breath as a chill raced down her spine, and the overwhelming emotions of being abandoned struck. She spun around staring down at the vacant chair, hoping, praying there would some kind of proof that she hadn’t just made it all up, but all was quiet.

“Do something. Make the chair move, touch me again, I don’t care, just please let me know I’m not losing my mind, Taylor.”

The ticking of the clock filled the silent room, the chair didn’t move, she felt no sensations anywhere on her body. Anguish returned gripping her heart like a vice as tears cascaded down her face. Taylor vanished as quickly as he appeared, and there was nothing Lina could do to bring him back to her.

Would he even come back again? Was it a one shot deal?

She couldn’t cope; it hurt too much remembering what it was like to be wrapped up in the safety of those loving arms, to briefly be a part of him as the emptiness vacated. Her mind refused to shut down, continued rambling question after question and admonishing her for even giving credence to the fact that Taylor had been with her. At her emotional end, she rushed to the bedroom, flung herself onto the bed and cried herself to sleep.

The warm summer sun felt good against her cheeks, but nothing could compare to the warmth in that embrace, or having her back pressed into his chest. His arms were so strong as he held her, never crushing her, but just tight enough that she knew she was loved and protected. His chin rested on top of her head as they lay in the gondola, floating through the canal, taking in the beautiful day.

“I wanted to show you,” he said.

“It’s just as breathtakingly beautiful as I always imagined it would be,” Lina admitted, snuggling down deeper into his torso.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I’m so sorry I scared you in the kitchen, I didn’t mean to, Lina.”

She bolted upright in bed, her heart pounding wildly as her eyes scanned every inch of the bedroom.

“Tay?” God he had been in my dreams, telling me that I hadn’t imagined anything, but I panicked and pulled myself out of it. “Uggggghhhhhh,” Lina screamed into the silence.

Days passed after that with nothing-substantial happening, no sensations, no dreams, just nothing. Lina became depressed, calling out to him, begging him to come back, promising that she wouldn’t be afraid the next time, but he didn’t come. Crying spells were becoming normal for her once she returned from work, the heartache would just not dissipate. No one had ever loved her the way he did, faults and all. It amazed her still to this day that a man like him could truly love her unconditionally. He stood beside Lina and helped her through her painful past, reminded her of who she was and what she wanted, became her own personal cheerleader for he honestly believed there wasn’t anything she couldn’t accomplish. He made her believe in herself again, that her voice mattered, and helped to show her just how strong she could be.

Taylor was unlike any man she had ever known. When he said he was going to do something, he did it; he wasn’t the type to say he would and then put it on the back burner. He was a man of action. He knew all about the affair that cost Lina her first marriage and he loved her still, even knowing how terrified she was of ever doing something so horrible to him, he loved her. That man was a rare breed, and no one would ever come close to meaning as much to her as he did.

The depression was getting to Lina, so much so that the majority of her time she spent napping. Today would be no different because she had no desire to do anything, and that included eating. She made her way to the bedroom and curled up in his blanket, inhaling his cologne, noticing that his comforting scent had begun to fade. Hugging it tight against her breast, she closed her eyes and started chanting his name like a mantra.

Lina walked down the narrow street coming to the dock. The sun shone brightly, sparking across the water as a gondola glided closer to her. A warm, gentle breeze lifted her auburn hair from her shoulders, sending a chill down her spine and making her shiver. The gondola stopped right before her and there he was, Taylor had come and found her again.

“You found me,” he said.

That statement puzzled her. She had to remain calm if she was going to stay in the dream this time, otherwise she would be ripped from him much too soon and suffer even more because of it. “I thought you found me.”

He laughed. Oh the sound of his laughter was like a sweet melody to her ears. That precious sound brought a smile to her lips and their eyes locked. The playful desire in those dark pools sent a shiver of delight down her spine. She knew that look, could never get anything done when he looked at her that way, hungry, so full of wanting that it always took her by surprise and the only thing she could do then was surrender herself, mind, body and soul.

He held out a hand for her. “Come,” he said.

Lina hesitated, fear filtering into her mind, she refused to lose these precious moments she desperately wanted. She raised her arm and slowly rested her fingers in the extended hand. That slight touch, as his thumb grazed her knuckles sent heat rushing up her arm. Any time he touched Lina her body came screaming to life as easily as flicking a light switch. In death or a dream this was still true and all she wanted to do was launch herself into his awaiting arms and fuse their bodies together. Instead, she stepped down into the gondola and sat, her brown eyes transfixed on the beautiful sight before her. Just being in his presence desire raged through her, keeping her body humming, pushing her to move beside him. If she thought she didn’t understand the animal attraction toward him before, it made even less sense to her now.

The gondola moved away from the dock, past the quiet buildings, taking them off to a darkened little hideaway, where they stopped and he pulled her into his strong embrace. Being back in his arms was pure heaven. She closed her eyes and listened, her ear delighting in the comforting sound of his heartbeat, the water lapping against the boat soothing her sense.

“Lina,” Taylor said.

“Hmm,” she responded, not ready to let go.

“I’ve missed you.”

Lina pulled back and looked up into those dark, dreamy eyes that could easily steal her breath and capture every part of her soul. “I miss you so much; everything aches since you’ve been gone.”

He brushed the loose strands of hair away from her face, tucking them gently behind her ears. “I’ve been with you. I never left you, not even for a second.”

Her eyebrows rose as the shock of that statement registered. “How is that possible?”

He smiled, that heart-melting smile, that warm, radiating smile that could stop traffic. “Just know that it is. I promised you I would never leave you, Lina. As long as you want me I will be here for you.”

Her mind flooded with questions in rapid succession, but she managed to drive them out. All she wanted, all she needed at that very moment was to belong to him again. Slowly, she reached up and placed her palm on his check. With the swiftness of a cobra he bent down and claimed her mouth, his tongue sweeping past her lips expertly as he kissed her until she pressed against him, hanging onto his arms for support. He tasted too good, felt fantastic, all hard lean man, pulling her even closer, his mouth demanding and unrelenting. If this were a dream, truly a dream may she never wake up. One kiss and it was as if she were in a drug-induced haze. While her mind stayed in a fog, her body took flight, craving for attention, for him to possessive her in every possible way. Her nipples hardened, straining to be relieved of their binding and ravished by his hot mouth and hands. Fire raced from her head to her toes, pooling between her legs, causing her clitoris to throb and search, almost aching for instantaneous release.

Swiftly breaking the kiss, Lina pushed him down onto the bench seat straddling him. She wanted him, burned for him, and finally was ready to take charge instead of letting him dictate the pace. He’d asked that of her so many times, but she remained shy in her sexual inhibitions, content with following his lead. This was her night, her chance to take the lead, to show him just how much she loved and adored him. The surprise on his face drove her on. She fused her lips to his, demanding, persistent as her tongue dueled with his. Taylor’s hand held her hips, his fingers slowly moving up her spine to the back of her neck. He broke the fiery kiss as she gasped for air, then nuzzled and nibbled below her ear, moving slowing to her collarbone before his tongue left a wet trail down toward her chest. Lina’s head fell back, granting him more access. His maleness grew beneath her as she started grinding against him, her fingers digging into the nape of his neck, holding his mouth close as he sought out her awaiting breasts. She had to get out of the clothes as quickly as possible, to meld with him, to feel his member diving into her depths.

Lina pushed away, got to her feet and quickly disrobed before resting her hand on his bulge, giving him a playful, yet forceful squeeze until he moaned. She tore open his jeans, released his cock and stroked the silky head before lowering her mouth to kiss the tip. Slowly she opened her mouth, nibbling down the side of his shaft before taking him into her mouth in one long stroke right to the base. He groaned, the sound music to her ears, as her appetite for him came roaring to life. His hand delved into her hair, bunching it up at the back of her head while her head moved up and down as she took him deeper with every seductive stroke. With his free hand, he reached for a breast, squeezing it before rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

It wasn’t enough, she needed more, to feel him inside her, wrapped around her, loving every part of her as she brought him to climax. Slowly she slid her mouth up his shaft, lingering for a few extra seconds at his crown to suck him hard enough to elicit another groan. She released him and smiled, ready to take him all the way over. Taylor held her hips as she straddled him, reaching between them to guide him inside her heat. She thought she could set the pace, but this was Taylor, he never let her rush until just before climax. He held her above him, only letting the tip of his penis penetrate her entrance.

“Please,” Lina begged, “it’s been so long, I need you inside me, Tay.”

“What do you want?”


Lina threw her head back moaning moaned, Taylor slid deeper, but she desired more. He toyed with her, only giving her tiny increments as she desperately tried to slam herself down onto him. Finally he allowed her his full length as she reached the pinnacle and began to call his name. He stopped, knowing she hated that, causing her to grind against him, trying to force him to drive into her until they went over together. Her arms wrapped around his neck, nipples gliding against his chest when he set the rhythmic pace, taking her ever closer to completion. With one long, swift thrust she went over, the climax ripping through her body, a few more strokes before he came. Lina held him with all her might, terrified to let go.

“I love you,” she whispered.

Lina awake to find herself alone, naked, and sated from the dream. Taylor’s cologne permeated the room and she wondered…


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