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A man hears a voice to do a dark deed.
The Deed

I stare at the moons reflection on the window pain

*Whispers* "Kill Him"

I jump a little

Stare around the room

"Kill him?" I ask

"Kill Him!"

I not know this voice that tells me to...*swallows* kill him.
Who's him, and why must I kill him?

"Um, excuse me kind sir. I not know of what you mean by...Kill him.
Can you express your feelings about this and tell me why I must...kill him?

"Kill Him!!!"

I shake and shiver, not move an inch and quiver.

I say: "I need know what you mean by what you say. What you want or expire of me and this "him" you want me to kill.

-Door slams open as the wind howls and slaps the tree branch against my window-

-walking across the floor to peer around the corner of the haunted door, mumbling all the while-

"I need not say this or that way of what you need from me. I understand not."

"KILL HIM!!!!"

I nearly jump out my skin

I say: "Kind sir I need not understand the deed that you want me to succeed. Why should I kill? Why should I glom onto the deed of which you would like for me to respectively complete. Step forth I shall no more. My question answered is what I implore.

6 days, 6 nights, and 6 weeks pass.

"Kind sir, kill him is the spell that you chanted. The deed was not granted."

-A gust of wind bursts through and blasts the window across the floor. A shadow from the ground appears and falls into a stance over the man-


The man was no more.

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