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Me and my girlfriend were out at her families fram when something weird happened.
One day, I and my girlfriend were on our way out to her family farm in Western Nebraska. From what I have heard, it isn’t the typical Nebraskan farm. It is something extraordinary. Instead of fields of corn and beans, they have fields of blueberry trees and plants.

“How much longer till we are there?” I asked.

“We are here.” Sara said.

We turned down a dirt road that was lined with plants that were covered with blueberries on both sides. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When we got to her parent’s house, they were outside waiting for us. We pulled up and got out. I was shown to my room by Sara’s older sister, Amy. Amy was not like any other farm girl I’ve seen before. She had a light blue skin tone and large GGG-cup breasts that were oozing blueberry juice. I settled down and made myself at home.

The next morning I got up and found Sara in bed with me. We went to work and didn’t stop until high noon. I kept on working as Sara stopped for lunch. When she was finished, I was 3 rows ahead of her.

“Hey, wait up.” Sara said.

“Sara, what would happen if someone ate one of these just off the tree?” I asked.

“Well, you saw what Amy looks like now. Well one would turn a female into that. But a male, no one knows.” Sara said.

“How about I try it and see.”

So I ate the biggest blueberry I found on a tree and nothing happened at first. I continued to work and finished the row I was on. After I finished, I saw my skin turned blue. It turned darker and darker blue until it was violet as the blueberry I ate. Sara and I went into the barn to drop off the last load of blueberries when I felt my belly starting to expand. When it stopped growing, it was the size of a basketball. I rubbed it and it felt really tight. Sara lifted up my shirt off my belly and felt it herself. She put her head up against it and giggled. We went out behind the barn and I lay up against the barn. Sara put her head onto my lap and put her hand onto my belly.

“How does it feel to have a belly full of blueberry juice?” Sara asked.

“It feels really tight but like having a baby made of juice.” I said.

“I wonder if your belly could hold more juice?”

Sara went back into the barn and came back out and with 3 more blueberries. I ate all 3 and felt nothing at first like the first one. Then I felt my belly growing again. I grabbed Sara’s hand and put it to my belly. She giggled and kissed my belly. When my belly was at its limit, my butt started to expand. Sara looked at my butt and thought I was going to exploded. We went inside and Sara ate 16 blueberries. In matter of seconds, her skin became darker than mine and started ballooning up. She became a 20 foot in diameter dark violet blueberry girl in a minute. Her parents came in and juiced me first. I told them that I wanted to keep some of the juice in my belly and some of the blue tint on skin. I thought I was in love with my girlfriend before but now I am deeply in love with her. All I wanted to do now is make Sara my blueberry wife for eternity.

“Mom, dad, can we get married?” Sara asked.

“Of course you can.” her mother said, “but we have to juice you first.”

We juiced her all the way down to her normal size. Sara went inside and she put on her best dress. When she came out, she started to expand again. This time, it was her belly instead. I went up to her and felt her belly. She blushed and kissed me. While we kissed, I felt blueberry juice coming out of her mouth and into mine. Then I felt my belly starting to expand bigger. I looked down and her belly and my belly were size of a 40 pound pumpkin and growing. Sara’s dress started to rip along the side seams and revealed her belly. She grasped her belly in pain and started to breath heavily.

“What’s wrong Sara?” I asked.

“My belly, it feels like it’s going to explode. Make the pain stop.” Sara said.

Then juice started to flow out of her mouth, boobs, butt, and belly button and her belly started to pulse. Her dress completely ripped off her belly. I could see her blood veins pulsing on her belly. I helped her into the barn so her parents could juice her again. When done, she put on a button up shirt and jeans. She walked over to me and kissed me. As she kissed me, she sucked all of the juice out of my body and into hers. Her belly bulged out slightly and she stopped. She looked down and giggled.

“How do you feel Sara?” I asked.

“I feel like I’m pregnant.” Sara said.

I felt her belly and she grabbed my hand. We went to the house and went to bed. Later that night, Sara walked into my room and crawled into my bed. She was wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Her belly had swelled up a bit but I loved it more and more.

The next morning, I woke up and saw Sara’s belly was the size of a large watermelon. She was still asleep so I put my hand onto her belly and rubbed it. She blushed a little and woke up.  We went down stair and had breakfast. We went out to the fields and started to work. Every basket Sara filled, she had 2 berries.

At the end of the day, Sara’s flat A-cup breasts had grown to an astonishing 36 HHH-cup. The buttons of her shirt strained against her large bosom and belly. Her belly was the size of a beach ball. Not only that, but her pants were rubbing against her basketball-sized butt. We went inside, and she changed into her largest shirt and overalls. We went to the barn and messed around a bit. Then Sara’s belly started to grow again. She got up and put her hands on her belly.
“I feel funny.” Sara said.

“You must be hitting the last bit of your blueberry inflation.” I told her.

“But I don’t want to explode. I just want to become a blueberry girl.”

“And you are. You are just becoming bigger and fuller. If you become a large, round, beautiful blueberry girl, I will love you forever.”

Sara blushed, and she started to expand faster and faster. Soon Sara’s breasts and butt started to expand with her belly. In a matter of 10 minutes, Sara was a large round blue ball filled with blueberry juice with arms, feet and a head. She stopped expanding and relaxed.
“How do you feel?” Amy asked Sara.

“I feel wonderful sis.” Sara said.

Amy walked around Sara and looked at me. I noticed she had a belly now. I then realized her belly was growing. Amy walked over to me and started to kiss me. She then rolled Sara to another room in the barn and came back. She removed her shirt and bra before grabbing and pinning me to the ground. Blueberry juice dripped from Amy’s breast and into my mouth. She wrapped her arm around my head and lifted me up to her breast. I started to drink from her breast and liked it. When I drank all of the juice out of her breasts, she brought Sara back in. Now Sara was twice as big as she was when she left and was growing bigger. Her head, hands, and feet were sinking into her growing body. Then Sara stopped growing. I felt her body, and she giggled. I could tell she was about 20 feet around and was ready to burst. Her shirt barely covered her breasts and was ready to rip off. Along with that, her pants barely covered her crotch and butt. I looked at her belly and saw her blueberry blood veins pulsing under her skin. I kissed her belly, and she moaned in pleasure.

“How do you feel Sara?” I asked.

“Good and ready to explode. Is there anything you could do Amy?” Sara said.

“There is one thing I could do. I could give you an expansion pill to take. I got one for all three of us.” Amy said.

She took three pills from her pocket and handed them to Sara and me. We all took the pills and felt nothing. Then Sara’s head, feet, and arms popped out of her large, round body. She rubbed her belly and sighed.

"What is it, Sara?" I asked.

"Since I’m mobile again, I won’t have you give me more and more blueberries and make me bigger until I’m ready to burst." Sara said.

"But I can, Sara. I can do anything you want me to do. And besides, you can get bigger now."

Then she got up and waddled out to the fields. Amy and I went out with her and we started to eat some of the blueberries. When we ate all of the berries in a 20 acre area, we stopped. Sara started to balloon up again until she was 200 feet in diameter. Then Amy started to balloon up and stopped at 160 feet in diameter. I felt nothing and wondered why I’m not becoming a blueberry boy. Then I felt something bubbling in my belly and looked down. I saw nothing happening until I felt my pants getting tighter. I looked and saw my hips and butt getting bigger. Then my legs started to expand, and I loved the feeling. I played with my growing butt and felt my pants reach their limits. My ass didn’t stop growing. My pants started to rip at the seams. I started to panic as my pants ripped little by little. Then my ass and legs stopped growing. My legs looked and felt like thick tree stumps. My ass looks like two inflated beach balls were inflated in my pants.

“Are you alright Sweaty?” Sara asked.

“I feel fine. Just hope my pants don’t rip off.” I said.

Then I felt more bubbling in my chest. I took my hands off my ass and put them on my chest. Then I felt my hands being pushed out by my chest. I then realized I was growing boobs because of my blueberry juice. My new boobs were lifting up my shirt and showing underneath it. When my chest stopped growing, I had 260 JJJ-cup boobs.

"How do you feel now?" Amy asked.

"I know how Sara and you felt when I inflated your boobs and butts." I said.

We went to the barn and struggled to get Sara in. We got hooked up to the juicing machine and we all became our normal sizes except for Sara. She kept her large, beach ball sized butt and 60 HH-cup breasts. She loves her butt, breasts, and blue skin. Every now and again, Sara lets me play with her butt and breasts. Along with that, she lets me suck on her breasts and drink some of her blueberry juice. We do plan on having blueberry children and having a great family. Every so often, me and her try to have a girl so she can become a blueberry girl like Sara and be happy like we are. Until that happens, she will always be my most prized, beautiful, and lovely blueberry girl until the end. We want to have the perfect blueberry girl to love forever and have blueberry children with her.
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