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This is a verse story for parents to read to young children ages 3 to 7.
                                                            BICYCLE RODEO

"Come on over," I called to my friends next door.  "I just got a bike from the bicycle store."

I spun and twirled and jumped up and down. I was bouncing around like a rodeo clown.

Leann's freckled face widened into a grin. "Awesome!" she said with a copycat spin.

"Cool!" agreed Kory, tossing his ball in the air. "Soon you'll be riding everywhere."

I was so excited I couldn’t be still. “Yes,” I replied, “I know that I will.

I'm getting ready to ride it now. My dad is going to show me how."

The sky above was cloudy and gray, but a little bit of rain couldn't ruin this day.

Our dead end street was empty and wide. It was the perfect place to learn how to ride.

"Okay Robin", called Dad, "time for lesson number one". "Good," I answered, "this is going to be fun."

I fastened my helmet and slid onto the seat. With my dad alongside we rolled down the street.

When Dad let go, kerplunk went the bike. And falling is a feeling that I do not like!

Laying on the ground, I almost cried. But I knew that I had to push my fear aside.
I had a bruise on my knee, and another on my chin.  But I scrambled to my feet. I would try again.

"Okay," I told Dad.  "I'm ready to go. This time I'll ride that bucking bronco."

Dad just chuckled then flashed me a smile. "This bronco needs taming; it might take you a while."

"You can do it!" yelled Leann, with the thumbs up sign.

"Keep on trying!" shouted Kory. "You're doing just fine."

I mounted again and wobbled to the right. The bike tried to throw me, but I held on tight.

When I swerved to the left, the bike won the round. I wasn't very happy lying flat on the ground.

"I'm fine," I told Dad, as I rubbed my sore knee ."I'll ride this red bronco.  It can't beat me."

"Ride 'em cowboy!" called Kory from his seat on the lawn.

He and Leann kept cheering me on.

Well, that bike went on bucking, but I wouldn't give in. My best friends were watching, I meant to win.

I continued riding and falling, then riding some more. I'm telling you, I was getting sore.

But after a few more times of being thrown, I was riding that bronco on my own.

"Good job," announced Leann, "that was quite a show. We had front row seats at your rodeo."

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