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12/21/12 what should you do?
        I think all attractive women should run naked through the streets.
  Perhaps, they could sing Paul Simon songs or Lady Ga Ga could
  offer her money to the poor. Can you imagine what the Mayans were thinking
  when their great empire flopped? Maybe they went to Cancun?
  But, Mexico doesn't seem that friendly to Americans nowadays.

        Sigh. I'll just putter around my meaningless life and wait ...
  I know that there are true believers .. who are climbing the ziggurats.
  Did you know Washington D.C. was designed to copy an Egyptian temple?
  The Washington monument is an Egyptian needle .. The entire National Mall
  is based on the temple to Ceutec, the guardian of the under world;
  a very strange choice for the nations seat of government.

      Is this the world we will lose? This is the only time in history when
  the fall of an empire could result in the total extinction of all life on this
  precious blue planet. That would be a hell on Earth. The sky would catch
  fire and the oceans would boil. Well, my cat Rusty is napping at my feet.
  Maybe, that's a good sign.

      I was watching the Discovery channel about sea turtles. I think turtles are
  cool. Anyway, these sea turtles migrate from Brazil to an Island off of
  Australia to mate and lay eggs. Well, the birds eat their eggs and they're
  are gators waiting to eat the sea turtles. You would think one sea turtle would
  choose to stay in Brazil. But, this has been going, since the time of the
  dinosaurs. Apparently, the sea turtles don't feel a need to change the script.

      Have a happy tomorrow! My fellow sea turtles...


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