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For Writer's Camp, perceived magical engagement ring helps a life time of marriage.
The night (or should I say early morning) that David put the amazing 2 carat rock on her finger, Brigit knew this symbol of love would be forever. Looking at the ring made her feel special and loved and ok in a world that wasn’t always described with pretty adjectives. This ring would bind her and David together and serve, as an unending source of strength reminding them that the love they share is special, is everything.

At first it was so easy. She would notice the glow from her left hand and simply take it all in. Did everyone have a ring that sparkled this brightly or was it simply her deep feelings for David that made everything brighter? Brigit was most aware of the shine on Sunday mornings at Corpus Christie Church. Maybe it was the stained glass windows and the enormity of the space that made the best backdrop for this trinket. But the diamond glowed in the grocery store and the nail salon as well. It was always so very beautiful. Her friends thought she was insane, watching her obsess over the ring to the point of losing herself in its glory. They would hear her speaking “ keep our love alive and strong” to the ring and chalked it up to a girl in love.

Brigit started to believe that the ring was indeed magical. Two months prior to the wedding, David came home to their apartment looking agitated and almost defensive. He said maybe they rushed into this and that they should possibly reschedule the wedding for a better time. Brigit was terrified. She loved David and knew this was right. She looked at the diamond. Up all night staring at the diamond, Brigit chanting, “shine on, you crazy diamond”. The magic had to keep David with her. The next morning they had croissants at their favorite bistro, talked about their future and agreed that this was just a case of cold feet. Brigit however knew that the diamond made it all good.

An exciting engagement, a festive wedding, a new home, a healthy son and now realty set in. Soon the daily trials of home, work and a newborn replaced the hours of staring at the gem. Brigit rarely thought of the ring, except when she would catch the prong on a pair of stockings or when it slide around her finger after applying sun tan lotion. Yes it was still beautiful but it was such a part of her that she did not see it any longer or more aptly she just didn’t’ focus on it. She didn’t need to.

Then she started to notice David was preoccupied. The new job was stressful and the bills were greater than ever, but could that be it? He didn’t want to stay up late in bed talking. He was tired. No longer did David want to have dinner as a family. “Have dinner without me I will be late”. There were a few late night phone calls that he immediately needed privacy to address. Tonight he slept in the spare room claiming he did not want to disturb her with his snoring. She looked to her ring and yelled “shine on, you crazy diamond” hoping that this trinket would bring them closer together. She fell asleep repeating the words, almost begging the jewelry to save her marriage. Shine on, you crazy diamond. The next morning David spoke of the merger at work and how terrified he was about losing his job. Why didn’t he share earlier she wondered but she knew it was the diamond that brought him back to her.

For fifty-three years that diamond kept them together. She summoned the power when he traveled to be sure he was reunited safely with her. She beckoned the ring to her rescue when he bought that porche during the mid life crisis years and then again when he hired that hot young receptionist. The ring always worked its magic. Even when she was down and depressed going through menopause, the ring made sure David stayed with her. He did not leave and he did not stray. Their love remained strong and true.

But now was different, David was ill. Brigit had spent 7 consecutive days by his bedside. The doctors had given up hope; there was really nothing more they could do. She stared at the ring and begged, “shine on, you crazy diamond”. She chanted the words all day and fell asleep with the sounds on her lips. Brigit could not be without David. She was sure the ring would not let him leave her. She was sure their love story was not over. Several days passed with Brigit chanting, the doctors smiling with resignation and the nurses feeling tears running down their cheeks but offering her coffee, water or a friendly ear.

On an early Sunday morning the nursing shift changed and Alice started her shift on the floor. She walked into David’s room to find he had passed peacefully in the night. Sitting in the chair, slumped on the bed and holding his hand was Brigit. She had a smile on her face, but no pulse. She too had gone. Alice reached down to touch her hand and noticed the brilliance of Brigit’s diamond ring, shining greater than any diamond she had ever seen.
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