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WARNING!!! Smiling has become another form of masking so BEWARE!
Start a day with a smile, an old cliché of welcoming a day and wishing it to be delightful. But how do you do it?

According to the New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language (NLWD)-

a smile is characterized by a lateral and upward movement of the lips and cheeks and a bright sparkle in the eyes. EASY!… In our world, different kinds of people exist. No two persons alike, as the saying goes. Everyone is unique in many ways, that’s why one has to prepare himself meeting these different kinds of people.

I am a killer and the dictionary is my accomplice. The moment I came to meet a number of people, Dictionary has become my guide and ally. And my favorite strategy whenever I meet these people is to smile. Smile gives me the courage and strength to face the world. Smile for me is the strongest kind of defense and weapon, just as the PNP, CIA or terrorists have their top secret weapons, my smile becomes a secret weapon because nobody will ever notice and nobody can ever predict on when will it transforms into a weapon of destruction.

My smile as a defense never loosens up, and as a weapon, it never rusts, because I regularly use and polishes it. Whenever people insult me, I smile as a defense, a very strong defense which made me invulnerable and impregnable to attacks. I can use my smile as a weapon that destroys the negative aura in someone, but I can also use it as a weapon of destruction but I wouldn’t tell how, for it is my top secret weapon. But what I’m afraid of the latter is when it comes to the point that it will self-detonate. I’m afraid that when it reaches that point, I might not be able to know how to show an appropriate smile to express happiness. I’m afraid that I might lose my ability to feel any emotions anymore.

But for now, I wouldn’t think of those consequences, I will still smile either to make it as a defense or a weapon, as long as it’s a smile, I don’t care. Because I still hope that if I smile the world might someday smile back to me. I wanted the world to smile back at me so that I can experience to smile-that makes a facial expression which may show amusement, satisfaction and affection-NLWD

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