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It's not a song many would like.
There’s a song inside my head
That I’d like to sing:
‘Bout birds flyin' free
‘Bout lettin’ freedom ring

There’s a song inside my heart
That I surely want to sing:
‘Bout how I once stood tall and straight
When I was once a king

There’s a song deep in my soul
That I wish that I could sing!
‘Bout when I was a warrior
Not some property, not some thing

But all I hear is clink, clink, clink
and all around me clank, clank, clank
That’s the song that’s in my ears:
That’s the sound that them chains make
That’s the song that’s all around
That’s the tune them white folks sing:
How they’ll keep me here in bondage
‘Til my death when freedom rings
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