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A little paragraph I wrote after waking up at midnight with a thought.
Inside The Open Wound

Why “Inside the open wound”?  Well, if you look at in perspective there are many types of open wounds.  You have the physical wound of course, and then there are love wounds, mental wounds, family wounds, sexual wounds, etc. The dictionary I have describes a wound as: 1. An injury, especially on in which the skin or other external organic surface is torn, pierced, cut, or otherwise broken. 2. An injury to the feelings.  We are essentially all open wounds in one way or another.  Injury to the feelings leaves a lot open if you think about it.  Let’s have a look at all our feelings.  There is love, anger, lust, pain, guilt, sorrow, excitement, passion, happiness, agitation, disappointment, and more that I can’t think of at this moment.  Most humans feel at least a few of these a day, and living in such population where you are around people every day, at least once someone will injure one of those feelings.  The healing process is time I suppose, we have all heard the sayings “Time heals all wounds” or “With age comes wisdom”.  I suppose when we stop feeling or we are dead, we are healed.  Kind of morbid I suppose, but life can be morbid sometimes.  I find the more I have lived and experienced, the better I can control the injuries.  I am scarred from the past and tender to the future, but I still look forward to it.  As I said earlier, we are all open wounds, waiting to be healed.
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