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A letter to myself
Dear Me,
Yeah, I'm talking to you. We don't really shoot it straight too often so let me take a moment to tell you what is going to happen during 2013.
You will get your stuff together. You will finish writing something...anything. In particular, you should finish this letter to yourself. This is what you want to do, to do what you love.
On that note, you need to start believing in yourself. I know you'd like to think that everyone who pays you a compliment regarding your writing is lying to you or patting you on the proverbial head and saying, "Good girl. Nice job.", but there are some kernels of truth behind every lie or half-truth. (Thanks, Mr. Feeney.) So, put your big girl panties on and do work. Make it good, make it count. Be someone that is worth something.
Also, give yourself a break sometimes kid. It's okay if you don't throw that last load of laundry in because you were too busy watching the latest episode of "The Vampire Diaries". I mean, who wouldn't get caught up in Ian Somerhalder's intense gaze? I'm also pretty sure that your husband is an amazing enough man to forgive you for throwing a frozen pizza in the oven because you forgot, yet again, that the grocery store is closed on Tuesdays so there is nothing else for dinner. He is probably even going to forgive you for never making six figures or becoming a world famous author. He is, however, going to love you for the rest of your life. He's even going to be your biggest supporter, because he already is. He would love it if you would cut yourself some slack.
I could throw in all the typical eat rights and exercise mores that you give yourself every single year on New Year's Eve but let's be real...you're already on the right track there. You've been eating better and your baby biceps are getting pretty tight. I think we can both agree that we should finish this letter off on a high note by saying good job on doing things to set your life in a direction that will prolong it in a healthy way.
Oh, and things generally happen when they are supposed to happen so stop pushing for things to happen now just because YOU are ready. Maybe, it's just not time. You'll kill yourself stressing about the future.
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