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Megan shops for her Wedding gown but will Rachael and Manolito spoil her future?
Megan and Jennifer walked back to the Kentsworth mansion. France and England were definitely different but Megan wanted to live in England. Every time she saw Manolito, he kissed her liked she was something to eat. She wasn't going to the Drakelin Estate anymore. She loved Miles and felt guilty every time the gypsy man kissed her. She felt like she was kissing Johnny Depp. That was a good thing but she was engaged to Miles. She really loved Miles. Manolito was a gypsy not Johnny Depp.

"Megan, did you hear me?" Jennifer was talking to her.

"I am sorry. What were you saying?"

"We have to quit letting those gypsy men paw us. We are engaged to other men. If Zalita wants to see us, she will have to come over to Bradley's parents house."

"I agree. Why didn't those gypsy men stay in England? They are nothing but trouble."

"I know. The moonstone is fixed. We have to be careful not to break it again."

"I will. I am goling to hide it in my luggage." Megan promised.

Megan and Jennifer had arrived back at the Kentsworth Estate. Megan walked in the door and Rachael was coming out.

She smiled but her grin was evil. "Megan. Miles is in the study."

Megan wanted to plug her. She didn't answer. She walked into the study. It looked like a modern day study minus a computer. Miles was drinking a brandy. He looked distraught.

"Did you get the moonstone fixed?" he asked.

"Yes. Zalita fixed it. How did Rachael know you were in the study?"

"She was just talking to me. You dreamed of your gypsy man?"

Megan didn't like the question. "Are you asking if I dream of Manolito?"

"Yes, that is what I asked."

"What did Rachael say?"

"Answer my question." Miles finished his brandy. The look in his eyes wasn't friendly.

"I dreamed of him last night. Probably because I was worried about the moonstone."

"Maybe you want to marry him and make passionate love to him?"

"Miles! Where is this coming from? I dreamed I was married to him. It was just a dream. How do I know you weren't in kissing Rachael and making love to her just now? This is bull crap! Is this your way of saying you have a thing for Rachael? Fine. Forget it. I am not going shopping with Caroline and Jennifer. I am packing to go back to England!"

Megan started to leave the study but Miles grabbed her. "Megan, I'm sorry. I love you. I really do. I am jealous of Manolito. I don't like him being here. Rachael is such a nuisance. She told me about you dreaming of Manolito. She heard you talking to Jennifer. If Rachael doesn't leave me and you alone, we will go back to England together. Manolito and Rachael aren't coming between us." Megan hugged Miles and kissed her. He released her.

"Megan, I wish we were at my house. We could do anything we want there. Bradley said we would be leaving in two weeks. He said his family would be coming to England for his and Jennifer's Wedding."

"Rachael isn't coming to our Wedding or I will kill her. I promise no more dreams about Manolito. I do want to go back to England. I will make sure the gypsies don't know. Maybe you and I should leave early. Like next week or sooner."

"I promise to avoid Rachael if you promise not to walk down to Drakelin's estate anymore."

"I promise. I am going to put the moonstone away and tell Caroline I am ready to go shopping."

Miles hugged Megan. Megan felt content but she hated Rachael.

"See you later." Megan kissed Miles. Rachael wasn't getting Miles. She was definitely going to get her mind off Manolito.

Megan went upstairs to put the moonstone away. Jennifer came out of her room.

"We have to be careful about our conversations. Rachael told Miles that I dreamed of Manolito. Bradley said we are leaving in two weeks."

"He didn't tell me that. We have no privacy or time to talk to our men lately. I think we should leave in two weeks. I miss my puppies."

"Right now, we are going shopping. I am shopping for my Wedding and so are you. Eat your heart out, Rachael! He will never be yours!"

Megan and Jennifer laughed. They went downstairs ande Caroline asked the women if they were ready to shop.

"I am ready." Megan smiled.

Caroline, Megan and Jennifer went outdoors and Miles helped them into the carriage. Bradley was in town with his father.

The women were in the carriage and it started it's journey across town. It was a sunny day. The red plush seats were comfortable.

"We are going to shop at all the fancy stores in Paris. Miles and Bradley gave me money and said you can buy what ever you want." Caroline looked quite the lady. Megan thought Rachael would be never be as gracious as her mother.

The city had all types of beautiful mansions. Megan and Jennifer thought it looked like a modern day city minus the cars.

The carriage first stopped at a Wedding dress shop and Megan, Jennifer and Caroline went into the store. Megan looked at all the Wedding dresses. They were beautiful for this time period. Megan tried on several. The dresses were made out of muslim and Megan found one made of silk and muslim. It had a low cut neckline but covered the bustline. There was a ribbon underneath the bust and pearls lined the dress.With Megan's red hair and well porportioned shape, the dress looked beautiful and she did as well. This is the dress Megan bought. A pair of white well buffed boots completed the look. The dress hem showed off the boots nicely.

"Miles wil be so pleased." Jennifer smiled.

"You look very pretty." Caroiline smiled at Megan. She had no idea that Megan was married before and Jennifer and her were from another time.

Jennifer found a long silk Wedding dress and a lace veil. It had an empire waist and it fit close to the waist but there was plenty of breathing room.The dress had a short train and was elegant. Jennifer thought she would use flowers in the veil.She lifted her brunette hair up and she looked beautiful. Megan decided to buy a pearl and diamond crown to wear on her head and it had a nice veil as well.

Caroline loved how the Wedding dress looked on Jennifer. "Bradley will be so pleased. Mr. Kentsworth and I are so happy that you are marring our son." She hugged Jennifer and Megan.

Megan thought she wished Rachael was sweet like her mother.

The Wedding dresses were paid for and they went to other stores. The women found some dresses that were beautiful and expensive in rainbow colors and they found hats to match. Megan loved the hats that tied and she found some velvet colored hats. Megan and Jennifer couldn't get over the fashions. They had never seen these fashions in England. Jennifer bought Vicki a nice pink velvet dress and a hat to match. She found a blue, green, red multi colored dress for Zaliota. It was gypsy like but fancy, too. Megan bought Vicki pearl necklaces and a red hat with a fake bird on it. Vicki would love it.

The women went to lunch.They ordered roast beef dinners with choloate cake for dessert.

"What part of America are you from?" asked Caroline.

Jennifer and Megan knew that they would have to answer questions like this someday.

"Indiana. It's a farming state." Jennifer answered.

"Does it have big towns?" Caroline asked.

"Not like Paris or London." Megan wasn't sure if Indiana was around in the early 1800's.

"What made you decide to live in England?"

Megan wanted to tell her the truth but no way. "I have English blood in me and Jennifer has some Scottish blood in her and we wanted to see England so we got jobs as nurses in England and moved to London."

"Are you still nurses?" Caroline asked.

Just then a waiter dropped a glass of lemonade on the floor by Megan and a few drops spilled on her dress. The waiter apologized in his French language and Megan grabbed a napkin and dabbed it in water and wiped off her dress.

Caroline used her napkin and Jennifer did the same.

"He could have dumped that water on you. What a clumsy waiter!" Caroline wasn't happy.

"It is just lemonade. I won't melt." Megan secretly thanked him. She and Jennifer didn't have to explain why they were no longer working as nurses in London because they never were.

The rest of the meal went well. Caroline talked about the tea parties that she had attended in France. She didn't ask the women any more questions. Megan and Jennifer were relieved.

The women got in the carriage to go home to the Kentsworth Estate. They arrived home and Miles and Bradley came out to greet them.

"What all did you buy?" asked Miles.

"Our Wedding dresses, new dresses and hats. We had quite a day." Megan smiled.

"I can't wait to see them." Miles smiled.

"Did you have fun?" Bradley asked Jennifer.

"I did." Your mother likes me and Megan."

"Of course she does. Did you spend all my money?"

"No. I spent money of gifts for friends and your mother bought my Wedding dress and dresses with the money you gave her. All is well with the world."

Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek.

Bradley and Miles helped the women carry their dresses and items they bought. Bradley had already headed upstairs and Caroline went into the kitchen to talk to the cooks. Rachael was sitting on the couch with the poodles. Megan barked at them and the poodles started to bark. Megan had a piece of roast wrapped in her napkin that she had hidden in her dress pocket. She threw it to them and the poodles jumped off the couch and Rachael fell on the floor. Megan laughed. Rachael bumped her head and tore her dress. Miles saw what happened and so did Jennifer.

"Whoops-a-daisy!" Megan laughed.

Jennifer giggled.

"Are you alright?" asked Miles.

"I bumped my head and tore my dress." Miles helped Rachael and she pretended to cry. She wanted Miles to belittle Megan.

"You will be alright. You bought this on yourself. Don't mess with Megan and me. I am already spoken for. You need to grow up." Miles walked away.

Rachael looked at Megan. "I hate you."

"Back at you, sunshine. Stay away from Miles and me or next time, we will be mud wrestling!"

Caroline came back into the room. She saw Rachael's torn dress. "What happened?"

"Megan gave the dogs some roast beef she had saved from lunch and the dogs jumped off the couch to get it and knocked me unto the floor. I am going to change my dress." Rachael got up and went upstairs.

"Are you and Rachael getting along?" asked Caroline. She looked at Megan.

"You need to ask her. All I can tell you is that the French man that she has been seeing isn't the man that she loves. That is all that I can tell you."

Caroline was quiet for a minute. "Megan, I am sorry. I thought the crush she had Miles was over. I will talk to her. She will have to accept the fact that you and Miles are getting married. If you will excuse me. I need to talk to my daughter."

Megan felt sorry for Caroline. Miles was embarrassed. Caroline left.

"Do you think it was wise to tell Caroline?" Miles asked.

"Yes. Maybe her mother will pound some sense into her. If she doesn't, I will!" Megan really hated Rachael.

"Calm down. Caroline will talk to Rachael. You are marrying me and I love you.Remember what I said earlier, Rachael and Manolito aren't a threat to us."

Megan hugged Miles. "I know. At least Caroline will set Rachael straight." Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

A few minutes later, Caroline came back downstairs. She smiled cat Megan. "I am sending Rachael to the convent. She has been troubled for a long time. She had an affair with a married man and it caused a scandal but it passed. She was kicked out of Boarding School for drinking. I hope the Nuns can make her behave."

Megan, Jennifer and Miles looked at each other. Megan was glad Rachael was leaving. All she had to do was keep her distance from Manolito. Megan wanted Miles and she truly loved him.

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