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Poetry that rhymes...like playing tennis WITH a net!
Listen children, the moon is full
The trees have dropped their winter bough
Creeks thick slide down mountain’s lean
The bones are all licked clean

Silhouettes dance in between
The broken stumps of forest fire
Sparks ignite the brittle air
And float toward heaven’s bower

Laughter mad twists echoes flight
Forgetful of the ruined dream
‘Til all become the Knight of thought
The meat began to rot

Shallow whispers steal cold fury
Burn warm passion down to ash
Nature’s mind fills full of worry
Lays head upon the grass

The sluggish ice upon her brow
Congeals dark shadows into death
Convulse pale dawn upon the earth
Four ribs rattle with breath

Below the depths the ancients grieve
For sorrows measureless to man
The summer children pluck the leaves
And plant them in the sand

Fulfill the prophet’s sleepy vision
Stand before the raging stone
Feel the weight of indecision
Like the seedling grow

Turn blossoms into burnished gold
Ripe and dripping juice
Pick and fill your wicker pail
With ambrosial fruits

Then ferry them to bribe the Queen
Who may grant your request
To lay your weary old gray head
Upon her sagging breasts

Then hours passed like seconds
And dreams become fine feasts
With tables laden richly
Twelve plates before twelve seats

Come children to your supper
Beneath the moonbeams ray
Satiate your appetite
Upon lunar filet

Then push back wooden chairs
Loosen leather belts
Awaken from your slumber
How strange the season felt

Yesterday I was the child
Today I am the man
Yesterday I knew I couldn’t
Today I think I can
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