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Felt nervous, friendly examiner, errors, performance, the result and my feelings.
I started to learn how to play violin at rather an advanced age. Now that i am a Grade 6 student of Trinity Guildhall course, I decided to appear for Grade 6 exams. My teacher was not at all encouraging and tried to dissuade me in various ways from appearing at the exams. I pondered over a little. and then decided to go ahead, as I had about 6 months left  to prepare seriously. I think this decision to forge ahead in spite of my teacher's warning was my first step towards winning over myself, my indecision and my nervousness. "Yes I Can!" became my catchword. I thought to myself what I needed was hard work. To my surprise, what was thought was done!. Every Saturday and Sunday I attended my violin class and also practised the violin compositions with piano accompaniments. At first there were some hitches and glitches in respect of my rhythm with the piano, but gradually I overcame all setbacks and it was a smooth sail.

  Then the D-Day came. We, the examinees, were asked to come early so that we could have a warm up exercise, so desirable before the exams. As I practised with the piano, I experienced a hiccup in the middle of a very fast composition. My heart sank. What was I doing just before a few
minutes of my exams?  As I was making another try, the time for my turn was announced and I entered the exam hall feeling less prepared.
  The Examiner from Trinity College of London smiled and greeted me in a very friendly way. Her compassionate manner lifted my spirits and with
her nod I started playing. I had to play three melodies, bowing exercises, scales, some technical exercises and so on. I was through my first melody and started the second one which was a very fast composition of Pride and Prejudice. All went well when at the middle I got stuck. I failed to recapitulate, but went on to the next line without stopping. In our musical ethics, stopping in the middle is unpardonable because the rhythm and  thus the whole of music gets spoilt. I had the presence of mind to continue while preserving the rhythm and played the rest smoothly. I think at this juncture I won over myself by my courage. From that point I never lost courage. I tried to play the last melody as well as I could and played the scales well. Though I felt disheartened deep down in my heart, that feeling could not bog me down. The resolve that "Yes I can!" and "I Will!" made me move forward. After some sight readings and oral questions my exams was over.
  When I was leaving the room my examiner asked me which melody I liked the most out of the three I played. She was happy when I said "Idylle by Edward Elgar". Then she bade me good bye very warmly and heartily. I came home with a heavy heart but when the result was out, lo! I passed with good comments from my examiner!
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