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This poem is a summary of my day of saving grace. A day I will never forget.
A past so dark, it would bring you to tears
is the life I lived until the last few years
torn apart, & tormented by my regrets
for things that Ive done, that I will never forget

sick and twisted, hopeless and vain
hanging by a thread, no beauty remained...

spinning in a void, I screamed out His name
He yanked me from the darkness, and took away my shame
He snatched me from the enemys grasp,
He said I've got this my child, and He began to laugh...

and when I saw that brilliant smile,
the light penetrated all my denial
I knew that everything I had been taught was real
Instead of the numbness I was used to, I began to feel

There isn't a man on this earth
who can turn me away,
from the beautiful creature
who saved me that day

He continues to guide me
and show me where to turn,
always and forever, for Him
the fire in my soul will burn...
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