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A flashback I wrote as part of a larger story.

Nina could tell that she was missing everything that she held most dear. She’d felt like she’d forgotten most things about her mother and father. Though she remembered her mother leaving the school. It was the day of the fight... She was in the middle of a fight with someone, she couldn’t remember who. But she looked up from her fight to see her mother slipping from the front doors of the school. She lost the fight and managed to get up and run after her mother. Thankfully she caught up to her mother who took her in a warm embrace. The words of her mother fixed in her mind as the memory coursed through her brain and flashed in front of her eyes. She could see her mother, smell the subtle perfume she wore, remembered her mothers outfit. She had worn light blue jeans and a blue shirt that was covered by a black sweatshirt. The hood had been pulled up around her mothers dark hair that was pulled back into a pony tail. She’d even carried a small bag with her. Why couldn’t Nina see it then? The words that were spoken were tender and sweet, loving and full of hope. “Nina, stay safe. Just don’t come after me. I’ll come to you. We love you.” She knew that her mother was talking about more than just herself and her husband, Nina’s father, she was also talking about her friends and the other masters at the school. Nina couldn’t believe that she hadn’t gone after her mother, once again she’d lost her family. How would she survive this time?
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