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first attempt at HG FANFICTION, might still continue, unsure. Super short!
I couldn’t stand it anymore, the wind was blowing gentle gusts every now and then through my hair. I was standing face to face with the fence that I had gone through so many times to get to freedom. I walked towards the fence and listened for the hum of electricity. When I couldn’t hear it, I climbed through. Running to find my bow and arrows that I always left in the woods.
I picked them out of the dead tree and looked around, taking in a deep breath of the clean air. This wasn’t like the Seam at all. Then again, the Seam wasn’t the Seam anymore either. Everything had changed since the war.
I heard the rustle and my instinct took over. In a fraction of a second, I had an arrow loaded in my bow and pointed at the figure that had made the noise. When I saw who it was I dropped my aim, a smile spreading across my face.
“Really Catnip? Forgot what my footsteps sounded like already?” Gale asked as he laughed slightly, not even fazed by almost being shot clean through by my arrow.
I laughed too. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten the sound of his footsteps any more than he could. I guess it didn’t help that we hadn’t hunted together in almost three years time. Only here and there while we were in 13.
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