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A rhyme born of the desperation and truth of a Bi-Polar/Alcoholic Nightmare...

I want him gone!  This putrid man;
this spiteful pig who thinks he can
step on my heart,
ignore my soul; 
obliterate what once was whole.

How dare he run back to the ways
he promised on so many days
to keep in mind,
to understand;     
control his sickness - BE A MAN.

He's never gonna make things right.
He doesn't want to see the light
of what he's done,
the price it's cost;
a maniac - alone and lost.

Slapped constantly hard in the face -
He's so disgusting!  I'm disgraced
by who he is,
by how he acts -
as he drifts further off the tracks.

His children are now scarred for life.
He's ruined them - and his poor wife
who's lost her wits;
nowhere to turn -
a hurtful cad with no concern.

I'm all alone and yet I'm not,
because I'm trapped - a marriage knot
around my neck,
about my being;
it's chocking me in all I'm seeing.

Our love is gone, long lost and dead
and now my life is full of dread
for what's to come --
I heave a sigh...
Our lives now crushed upon his lie.

Divorced and HAPPY! As are my adult children - May 2015
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