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You Got the Creeps?, Terrible Crime, and Dark as the Ferry of Death
Darkness is Creeping

Darkness is creeping
Along your old house
Where children are weeping
Or is it a mouse?
There used to be plenty,
yes plenty of dreams
But now only nightmares,
swing from the beams
They say its abandoned,
or so it just seems
For up in the attic
There's a very dark truth
About something that shouldn't be told to the youth
It was a good time for now I must go
So long to a place where nobody knows

Terrible Crime

I gotta tell you I'll give ya a dime
If you discover this terrible crime
If you want you must know
But no not right now
For someone somewhere,
might just already know

Dark as the Ferry of Death

Darkness is creeping
Along your young minds
The fear is seeping,
through all of your kind
The fraidful night is full of blackness, no light
And if you fall in will you ever get out
For if you dare sin,
The evil will shout
So climb on board the Ferry of Death
For you have just taken your very last breath

Disclaimer: Ideas gotten from Shadows of Doubt, forgot what short stories book it was from.
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