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Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #1920202
this is a ditty
what do i do with this?
something ain't right here
can't tell what's wrong-
i been working on this here automotive
something is going on in the air

how can i tell you ... how do you put it?
when all the details
you thought that you knew
had it all open
put it out there

it's a regular question
i'm no
professional man
it looks like it's easy and i thought you cared

missing apart
a part of thin air
was it your genius ? was it your hair?
it should be plain as day like they say
nothing much is

brainstorm with me
go with my flow
hear me out hear me
just clue me in

i'm almost with it, but not quite there
spent some time in day
outta my mind
now that i'm happy and toe'n the line
just reassure me
if you please can

a coma loan shark
a mega theme park
back when where we come from
where did this start?
will i learn somethin' about where i'll be?
couple years
a couple' uh years from now

turning my wrench and thinking it over
start it let's see
that noise is still there
who gives a damn
it runs and it guzzles gasoline
i smashed up a fine lookin' automobile
one of the ways i know it's mine
is how it runs well on E
it's a mission accomplished
if you see what i mean
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