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by Shelly
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The Secret Cave

Climbing up the rocky cliff Aaron said to his wife, "I can't believe I heard you right,” pulling his way up to the next ledge. “Your deceased father hid money in a cave near the top of this hill?”

“Keep moving Aaron. We are losing daylight.” His wife, an avid rock climber for years, exclaimed.

“How much” he asked?

“One hundred thousand the last time we spoke.”

Almost losing his grip when hearing the amount he asked, “Why haven’t you told me this before?”

“He told me on his deathbed. Can you believe it sweetheart?” She exclaimed!

Aaron thought to himself... I can finally divorce this nag and start a new life with my lover, Clara. It’s all community property—right?

He lost his footing, flying sideways while still retaining his grip. His heart-beat was pounding hard against his chest while listening to the sound of the loose rocks crashing down the cliff-side.

Gazing down at him and yelling, “Are you o.k. sweetie? Almost there!”

She continued her steady pace.

Aaron, finally reaching the cave after his wife, began looking down the rock-face—realizing the three hundred foot climb didn’t seem too hard at all. Aaron was pleased with himself.

Standing at the edge of the cave Aaron, searching the cave over and raising his arms asked, “Well, where is it? Did he bury it?”

Aarons’ wife said, “No… the money will be received when I collect it on your life insurance policy,” and with one swift push she sent her husband flying off the cliff to his death.

Aarons' wife thought to herself…I guess Clara is going to have to pay for the condo he so lovingly set her up in and I never realized how much I enjoyed rock-climbing.
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